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“Discovering a new band that has something substantial to offer is always exciting. It doesn't happen very often anymore-it did happen this last week. A friend of mine told me about a new group, the Terks. I am as enamored with their new album "We Will Rise Above It" as I have been with a record in a while. ”

“In the music business, maybe once in your life, you stumble on to a band that blows you away and has the potential to sell millions of records. I’ve seen it twice, the Black Crowes in ’89 and the Terks this year.”

Tommy Trbovich (Producer/Director Tonight Show and We Are the World - Hollywood music awards after party

“Let me tell you about the Terks...They're a five-man, made-in-Utah, totally independent band without an agent or a sponsor that last month in Los Angeles won an international honor called the eWorld Music Award. Out of more than 2,000 indie rock bands that entered the online contest from around the globe, the five guys from Utah came out on top. Their triumph was based on a combination of fan voting and a judging panel made up of accomplished musicians — much like "American Idol" but without the TV.--Lee Benson National Columnist Deseret News”

"Some might be surprised to hear three Utah band are making headway in the music world. Neon Trees, the Terks, and Fictionist all have local roots. Though they each have different sounds, styles, and are in different places in their careers, these bands are causing heads, or ears to turn to ward Utah."

"Utah-based band The Terks were awarded with a Hollywood Music Award for Best Band (not signed to a major label) in the nation on Grammy weekend at SIR STUDIOS in Hollywood. The Terks were chosen to open the star studded show and didn't disappoint, as they were chosen by all three judges and by fan vote. Main judge, Tommy Trbovich (Grammy and Emmy winning director of We Are the World, and the Tonight show) said: " This band is amazing, they are the future!".

The Hollywood Reporter

“Things have been looking up for local band, The Terks. They’ve booked gigs at Los Angeles hotspots like the Viper Room and House of Blues, Reader said. A national radio campaign is in the works. Recently, the Doobie Brothers contacted Reader through Twitter to give him and his four bandmates kudos. ”

“Utah's music scene has made a big impression nationally as of late. The Neon Trees got Glee-d, and Fictionist is competing for the chance to be the first unsigned band to grace a Rolling Stone cover. Another Utah band The Terks, led by native Idahoan Adam Reader have recently been been taking the national market by storm. ”

Salt Lake City Weekly

“Nationally, the Terks are getting a lot of attention, they garnered critical praise for their debut EP from Jim DeRogatis, a former editor of Rolling Stone. But the real coup came at February’s eWorld Music Awards in California, where fans and judges crowned The Terks “Best Band.” ”

"If you love true Rock and Roll, think Elvis and the Beatles, then you need to hear the Terks."

“If you haven't checked out the local music scene in awhile, you need to check out a new band called The Terks. They are from right here in Salt Lake City and have a refreshing sound that combines the '60s pop of the Beatles and the Byrds with the '90s college radio sound of Pearl Jam and R.E.M. to great fanfare. Their songs are pleasing to the ears and may even make you raise your fist in triumph! Their first album proves that Rock & Roll isn't dead yet. Catch them live this week at the Urban Lounge, you might soon be bragging to friends that you saw this band before they became massive.”

“The Terks are a band with an eclectic sound reminiscent of the 60s folk rock and guitar music of the Beatles and the Byrds mixed with the college radio of R.E.M. Their catchy melodies and hooks make their songs stand out front. They have some sing along anthems that will no doubt be hits with "Good Old Days" and "the Dream is Still Alive" and a catchy lovesong in "Magic in the Night." "Empty Soul" and "Black Lung" are a little darker but still maintain the toe tapping sensibility that is prevelant through out the album.”

“I might also add that they sure sound like another American band when "they" were in their glory days. Although the comparisons to R.E.M. (that will undoubtedly come about) shouldn't define them alone. This band is an eclectic potion of classic, folk, and country, with a certain degree of grunge thrown into the mix and they manage to bring something new to the dance as well. ”

Jim DeRogatis (Former Critic Chicago-Sun Times and Editor Rolling Stone) - Chicago Public Radio

“My question is- what's not to like here? A strong, (albeit brief,) six song venture, filled with rousing anthems, Americana, and angst driven protests that celebrate both the past and future of Rock 'n' Roll! I could make a brash, "Jon Landau" statement about the Terks, but I'lll just say...Give 'em a listen. I believe you will like the album. ”

"The Terks are f---ing unbelievable! They are an amazing band and I was blown away when I heard their album. They are even better live, this group will go far, no doubt about it."--Tom Trbovich (Grammy/Emmy winning Director, WE ARE THE WORLD. The Tonight Show, The Midnight Special)

Tommy Trbovich - Direct Quote

“I enjoy the distinctive tom-heavy drum patterns that drive these songs forward. I also revel in the rich, rumbling, nasally baritone of the lead vocals. The guitars are candy to the ears (especially the leads,) yet they are interesting and well crafted. The jangly, rhythm-chimes- frame these songs with a style that recalls the '60s British invasion, while also paying tribute to the early '90s. I was happy with their use of the twelve string on some of these tunes and found myself longing for more. ”

Jim DeRogatis (Former Critic Chicago-Sun Times and Editor Rolling Stone) - Chicago Public Radio

“The Terks “We Will Rise Above It” album, thanks to its jangly guitar reminiscent of Byrd-lovers like R.E.M. and Tom Petty’s Heartbreakers will serve the band well as they continue to evolve as songsmiths and performers.” --Salt Lake City Weekly”

“I just came across your band page and really liked what I heard. Great work, very impressive sound!”

Jim Byron Booking Agent - Nemesis Entertainment