The Tender Fruit / Press

“Smith's voice (is) among the loveliest in the state: Warm, warbling and richly Southern, it brings the grace and fire of country queens...to updated folk anthems. Tattered acoustic guitar and shuffling rhythms abound, mirroring the loneliness and loss of her lovesick hymns.”

“Christy Smith’s debut…(is) beautifully cathartic indie folk.”

Shuffle Magazine

“The Tender Fruit (sets) Christy Smith's perfectly country voice against a backdrop of alternately bouncy pop and devastating drift. At points, though, the sound surges, and her voice pierces forward, unafraid and unrestrained.”

“(Flotsam & Krill) covers a wide range of sounds and styles, as doom-laden chants jostle against bright pop choruses...and starker, sweeter folk ruminations. (It) sounds less like therapy than a painful, soulful exorcism that portends great things from this unique talent.”

Stephen Deusner (for Hopscotch Festival)