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The Talismen / Press

“Mr. Monarch is the best song ever.great video. PeAcE & LoVe”

marchristiansen - Reverbnation

“Talismen... "Talisman" is the Fab TRUTH!!! better than "drive my car"... perfect Fabuloso Homoniosos!!!! i could listen all day... next!!! lol... your biggest fan, da boi d”

The Magneto Flobe - Reverbnation

“hi guys, Cotton Candy takes me back to my day going to the circus fun times they were and listening on some more come and visit and take in our latest song that is super relaxing called In Awe Blessings peace and safekeeping”

Heleana Maria - Reverbnation

“Ok, I am buying some rose colored granny glasses and find me a go-go dancing miniskirted girl and sing and dance to Cotton Candy Skies. Crazy infectious stuff, I love it!”

Guy Berthiaume - Reverbnation

“Amazing Stuff here Loving it! Warm regard from the UK ~ Sean”

Sean Roberts - Reverbnation

“damn, you TALIS are bad ass!!!! so damn fab... so damn good.”

The Magneto Flobe - Reverbnation

“Hey we are back to support a hometown favorite and played them all. .....Charles.”

The Fabulous Del Counts - Reverbnation

“Stopped by for my Talismen fix tonight. Love Forever - spectacular, like all the Talismen tunes. Guys, your production work is top notch. . Multi-instrumental genius. Great Harrison-esque guitar work. You make it seem easy. I know it's not! Your biggest fan”

Tom Balek - Reverbnation

“Kite Flyer is So Cool and so unique like no other! It pulled me in and did not let go to the last note! I can Picture it All!”

Heleana Maria - r

“Row, Row, Row your boat Gently down the stream Merrily, merrily, merrily, merrily Life is but a dream”

PJ Franke - The Pepper

“We love the Talismen. Never stop doing your thing :)”

Kaleidoscopic Data Frame - Reverbnation


Adult Guitar Lessons - Reverbnation

“Love what you're doing here!!..Rockin' In The Universe is such a cool song! Peace & Love!”

Sur Rod - Reverbnation

“Wow, fantastic work! Love the rocking groove of Talisman. Great harmonies, instrumentals. You guys got passion in your music”

Danny Wegner - Reverbnation

“If you need a shot of happy, all ya gotta do is put on the TALISMEN. Fabulous musicianship, wonderful songwriting. Amazing!”

Tom Balek - Reverbnation

"Love Forever" Chris and Paul! Happy Holidays to the BEST of LOVE and MUSIC! Patricia

Patricia - Reverbnation

“I've bought all The Talismen's music. And would have paid 10 times what I did for such wonderful music!! Peace & Love for a pittance Peace & Love to you Talismen”

Joan Crinky - The Highland Revue

“Love Forever is a melodic gem, with a lovely retro 60s vibe.”

Frank Smith - Reverbnation

“Mr. Monarch is the best song ever.great video. PeAcE & LoVe”

marchristiansen - Reverbnation

“Kite Flyer brings out the child in me Loved flying kites with my brother and it has great rhythm besides and can picture it all! come and see my birthday photos they will make you smile!”

Heleana Maria - Reverbnation

“Love the Energy in your music to start with and then when you sing these words to Rocking in the Universe! Great stuff it IS!”

Heleana Maria - Reverbnation

“Talismen... "Talisman" is the Fab TRUTH!!! better than "drive my car"... perfect Fabuloso Homoniosos!!!! i could listen all day... next!!! lol... your biggest fan, da boi d”

The Magneto Flobe - Reverbnation

"nothing but love"... you can almost see john up there, shaking his head and getting the hair in the eyes!!! i see george playing that tasteful solo.... perfect harmonies, as always... even a dash of psychedelia as well... and paul bringing it home! too damn good talis... ya boi d

The Magneto Flobe - Reverbnation

“What The Talismen do is interpret the mid-60s Beatles' sound and ethos, and craft very engaging original tunes that spread "The Word" in style. One can't help but see Lucy in the sky when visiting this page. Oh, and by the way, guys, you did pass the audition (quite).;)”

Howard Lawrence - Reverbnation

“What's a style? All things will pass now but harkening back to the late 60s I guess . Love it love it .”

Dave Joanes - Reverbnation

“OK you guys NAILED IT! Love the Magical Mystery tour esqe Yin & Yang and was so pleased when you sounded like you did ,I'm now a total fan, glad some one can actually sound like that I'm ordering you're cd for sure...more..more..more! AWSOME!”

Mike Hammel - Reverbnation

“Beautiful Music for the Heart Soul and Mind!! Sensationally Spectacular!!!”

Fefe-Identity - Reverbnation

“You are really brilliant!! I love it here! Blessings and success!”

Helder Rock a.k.a. The Misfit - Reverbnation

“So freakin cool, so much fun, Love, Love, Love It !!!”

Rick Couture and Amen Alibi - Reverbnation

“Very refreshing! This is just fantastic! Excellence on so many levels!”

David Niles - Reverbnation

“The spirit of 69 is very present here. If that's one of the things you wanted to accomplish, well you've done it in spades. Let's drive to Woodstock now. Cheers, JP”

JP Ranger Band - Reverbnation

“bravo, nice music, love your style and your psychadelic visual word PEACE ”

Claude - Reverbnation

“Amazing! You guys have really managed to capture the 'feel' of the Beatles, while being completely original. Well done!”

Brian Haley - Reverbnation

"Pictures in the Sky" is fabulous,you guys! Your band is amazing and the harmonies reminded me of the Beatles, but to tell you the truth, yours are better! IMAFAN!

Peg O'Neill - Reverbnation

“Now that is great music love it God bless”

Gene Paradis - Reverbnation

“Wow. Made me feel younger. Great work.”

Don Nivens - Reverbnation

“very cool, love the vintage sound you have here on your page, God bless to you and your music.”

Bobby McIntyre - Reverbnation

“more fun than a box of frogs!”

TYRONE SCHULACE and his pals! - Reverbnation

“Awesome music man "Talisman" is a great one!”

No Delay - Reverbnation

“cool, fresh take on a favorite old sound... groovy, baby... great harmonies... ringo style drums... top notch melodies... cheers”

The Magneto Flobe - Reverbnation

“Wow! Just totally blown away by you! All the best”

The Throdgemorten Five - Reverbnation

“Magical songwriting/vocals and sounds, authentically reborn for today's fans..... amazing!!!”

the Throdgemorten Five - Reverbnation

“Here's where you come if you wanna reject the notion that The Beatles called it quits in 1970. Plenty of accomplished acts out there covering The Fab Four, but recreating their spirit and sound with ORIGINAL music is such a wondrous rarity. Really astounding.”

Howard Lawrence - Reverbnation

“You give a meaning to the word "song" ! It'd hard today to find musicians like you. Love your songs !!!! Impossible not to be a fan....”

Silvio Puzzolu - Reverbnation

“TALISMAN, like the rest of your tracks, cuts cleanly and crisply through the genre clutter with a groove that slices directly to the heart with honest power. Like a sharp needle-of sweet truth and beauty it grabs, holds and sinks its hooks deep into my heart, impossible to ignore. This is music with teeth, heart, soul and big brass balls.”

David Namerow - Reverbnation

“Authentic instrumentation. Beautiful songs with singing to match. Peace. Actually to achieve this sound is an artform in itself. Feeling truth in the attitude.”

dRedzilla - Reverbnation

“The Beatles have been reincarnated, and they are writing the solid new tunes we have all been waiting for!”

The Black Rose - Reverbnation

“I must have went to heaven. Uncanny! "Color Of Love," "Talisman" and "Love Forever" capture the essence of the Fab's "Rubber Soul/Revolver" period perfectly. Great vocal harmonies, Macca's melodic lead bass, the iconic guitar sound, the arrangements, production...and more. It's all there, and totally original songs to boot. An astounding achievement, Paul and Chris. Bonus: the historic 60s-style artwork is groovy.;) ”

Howard Lawrence - Reverbnation

“Dig it Dig it dig it!!!.....Very cool And GROOVY!!!.....You guys are Very original despite the obvious influnces...Amazing!!”

Paul Anthony Martini - Reverbnation

“Love Everything about the Kite Flyer! Very picturesque! Great moving Music and makes you want to soar through the Sky! Great work Everytime, WOW! You guys are Amazing!”

Heleana Maria - Reverbnation

“Paul and Chris....Where do you get off, being so Goooooood! Love you both. Eleyan”

Eleyan - Reverbnation

“Great colourful and exotic music that spreads a beautiful peace loving message through song,brilliantly performed”

Johnny Bonkers - Reverbnation

“Love Forever is amazingly warm and sweet with that vintage sound...awesome harmony vocals- a true classic!!!”

Vincent Pablo - Reverbnation

“Hey guys I haven't stopped by in a while. Love this stuff..the world needs to hear this right now!!”

RagChild - Reverbnation

“We love this band! In a world were every rock band sounds the same, these guys play by their rules. Thank God!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

Hanna from Promize - Reverbnation

“Audio Hallucination Rainbows!”

Zed Mizar - Reverbnation

“Listening to "Love Forever" Fantastic. Seems like a Beatle White album lost track. Impressive. You are truly Music ARTISTS.”

Greg Ashton Haze - Reverbnation


The Holyshoes Blues Band - Reverbnation

“Outstanding !! Macca,Squeeze,Costello and XTC all rolled into one,loved it !!”

John Hasnip - Reverbnation


Kelly Deaver - Reverbnation


Anita Lynn - Reverbnation

“Really impressive! Songwriting as good as The Beatles! Amazing!”

Jed - Reverbnation

“fantastic psychedlia peace & love always, super phenomenal!”

Rag Child - Reverbnation

“I couldn't stop my wife from dancing to "Nothin' But Love"!! Great job guys!!”

greeneye656 - Reverbnation

“Colour of Love is my favourite :) Beautiful lyrics, excellent tune :))) Keep splashing love all around you :)) Peace N Love”

Felicia - Reverbnation

“I have to say you guys are really uncanny. I see your influences, and you have modeled them most elegantly. But have actually transcended them too. Now that aint easy, and most folks cant get to that place. So like we say in Brookaleen.., you guys are F'in brilliant.”

Joe NYC Guitarist - Reverbnation

“WOW!!! This is awesome. So catchy, cool lyrics and musical melodies.My new FAV:)”

Dark Icarus - Reverbnation

“WOW! You guys are doing something amazing with this classic tho modern style! Reminds me of some new silverchair!”

Grace And Tony - Reverbnation

“Your songs make me want to be Yoko Ono:)”

Junko - Reverbnation

“Great tunes.What fabulous songs.Amazing creativity. Best Regards, hiroto from Japan...”

Hiroto - Reverbnation

“ The Jimi Experience - Rock / Tribute / Classic Rock 08/26/2011 10:59 AM Some real gems here.Sunny,yet deeper musical and lyrical themes when further explored.EXCEEDINGLY COOL! ”

The Jimi Experience - Reverbnation

“Love the retro influence! Maybe time for another invasion into USA???? Good licks, nice hooks -Your feature song, self-titled, is really cool!”

Indie islands - Reverbnation

“John? Paul? Ringo? George? are you there? WOW, Paul & Chris, you are amazing, Just Fantastic!! Thanks for bringin the boys back (so to speak). Very Cool!!”

Shabby Road - Reverbnation

“Love your tunes...alot...peace & love from Nevada”

Pamela Grigg Black - Reverbnation

“I'am hangin out here!!.How cool are these tunes!!..Great to hear the style!!”

The Michael Patrick Band - Reverbnation

“Now THIS is what im talking about! GREAT sound. Pegged like nobody else has in a LONG time!”

Cereboca - Reverbnation

“Forgot how good this stuff was. Glad I dropped by again.”

Billy Pryce - Reverbnation

“Bloody awesome! Sounds like the British Invasion is alive and well but now it's coming out of Minnesota. I've always loved this kind of sound and you sound great”

David Wheeler - Reverbnation

“You've managed to create and produce a sound that takes me straight back to the very best of the 1960's!!! It makes compulsive listening for me. I love it”

graham butterfield - Reverbnation

“WOW! What a trip! you guys are a super groovy blast from the past! with a twist of the psychedelic future luv phenomena!, peace luv light sound and flower power :o) <3”

Project 2025 - Reverbnation

“Love Forever and all your stuff is really an up!”

The Legendary RT and Sredni - Reverbnation

“Kite Flyer! Awesome lyric, instrumentation and fun energy :)”

Aoede - Reverbnation

“I'm Shelby from PROMIZE These guys kick arssssss boys!”

Promize - Reverbnation

“You are a great band!! rescue the sound that never dies!! Kinks, Beatles, Wings. The Talismen are the best discovery here in Reverb!!!”

Amautica - Reverbnation

“What can i say...Modern day Beatles, this is brilliant guys , really made me smile, i wish you mega success, you deserve it.”

Mama Chill - Reverbnation

“Flutes and beeps glorygloryjoyjoy!! Trippy freaky grooves and hallucinogens abound.."Pictures In The Sky" is a sublime floating slice of 60's pop.”

Mike White Presents - Reverbnation

“Everyone listen up. These guys are great song writers. Hugely creative in what they do. If you want a dose of the beattles style of music and their songwriting chops...listen to these guys. They show you how its done. Most inspiring. ”

Joe- Guitarist for Battle Maiden - Reverbnation

“Fab Band......been said before - but needs repeating - Cheers then !!”

Rick Kaupp - Reverbnation

“helloooooooo Paul & Chris * you made my night "Kite Flyer" is brilliant!”

Ecologyngle - Reverbnation

"Somewhere In the Starlight" is a masterpiece. Really artistic, great songwriting - such a unique chart. There are some really tricky chord/riffs buried deep in there that are tasty as hell, you have to really dig in to catch them! Fabulous, as always

Tom Balek - Reverbnation

“I just wanted to tell you that I'm really digging your new tune "Love Forever". Your music makes me happy. Peace and Love (Forever)”

Brenda - MySpace

“Back for more . . . your music is TOO DAMN GOOD. It's not fair to the rest of us mere mortal musician/songwriters”

Tom Balek - Reverbnation

“Hi Chris n Paul...great sounds! songs and harmonies...amazingly like the Beatles! sounds like lost Beatles songs...great stuff!”

Jeff Peckham - Reverbnation

“Fabulously and colourfully up to date sound and message of harmony and vision, I will be listening to all your songs on many visits”

Johnny Bonkers - Reverbnation


HONKY TONK LADY - Reverbnation

“Wow! Are you the second coming of The Beatles? It's hard enough for Beatles tribute bands to emulate The Fab Four, but to nail that groove with original material is somethin' else again! You're truly in the sky with diamonds! ”

Robin Chase - MySpace

“I could not stop smiling listening to your music. It is nostalgic and at the same time fresh and new. I love it! Keep up the good work! Of all the people who I have commented on in Reverbnation, you guys are the first ones I gushed about.”

Tracey Lee - Reverbnation

“You have captured the feel of a great era, yet kept it fresh and non-cliche-ish. Definitely a great accomplishment. Your music has the potential make it on the charts, and, I would imagine, in many movies.”

Plutonium Nyborg - Reverbnation

“Fantastic songs guys, creating your own summer of love on here... crackin stuff! Great songs, great harmonies... real catchy shiznit! Lovin' it... keep it coming!”

Spi Flint - Reverbnation

“I absolutely love your song " Color of Love". What a great song with great lyrics.”

Emily Chappel - Reverbnation

“Very NICE!!! Amazing melodies, great sound snd Great vocals!! Terrific recordings too!!! You guys are Fantastic. I liked it immediately!! (Has McCartney heard this music yet?} ”

Diamond and Jules - Reverbnation


Dan Albury - Reverbnation

“WOW, I am in love with your retro sound and artwork, Paul and Chris ~”

Michele Botel - Reverbnation

“Wow, I love this. Exactly my trip Talismen. Great guitar sound, beat, harmonies and vibe.”

Billy Pryce - Reverbnation

“Wow, you guys are fantastic. LOVE the harmonies, Beatle-esque. Your voices blend so well together:)”

Stirling - Reverbnation

“This is awesome stuff! Just killer! This sounds like brand new Beatles songs just discovered in some vault. Soooo cool!”

Toms Sick Guitar - Reverbnation

“ok I am in love with the music! It is truly so upbeat and has this marvelous happy energy just oozing out of it! GREAT!!!!! I LOVE IT!!!”

Photogoddess369 - Reverbnation

“WOW are you John Lennon reborn? Awesome! This is my favourite reverb group, you guys are great! I will play ya often, love them all, especially "Menagerie" ”

Sue Laver - Reverbnation

“THANKS SO MUCH for the CD!! I was so excited to win your contest! Its nice to be able to hear your music when I'm away from the computer too! I'll always treasure it! ”

Stacy - MySpace

“The new song is WONDERFUL! If I close my eyes I'm back in the 60's :) It never fails to amaze me that you put out such amazing music and you never run out! ”

Jade - MySpace

“Chris and Paul...I am here to tell you...that you ARE my Talisman!! FANTASTIC song guys!! I love it! Sending you much peace and love from Tennessee! ”

Janice - MySpace

“You see you are just a fantastic band !!! Thank you for the wonderful music which is why I will be a fan for life # Rock On !!! ”

Carrie Anne - MySpace

“Totally love PICTURES IN THE SKY, I feel relaxed and happy when I listen to it!”

Penny Candy - Reverbnation

“Visit our other "Color Of Love" MySpace site”

The Talismen

“Love your new song "Pictures in the Sky"! Thanks so much for sharing your beautiful music with me”

Janice - MySpace

“As a friend of The Talismen we would love it if you joined us on this site. Thanks Paul & Chris”

CM &amp; PJ Music

"Pictures In The Sky" Psychedelic intro right into a great flashback tune, fantastic classic phrasings and harmonies. Excellent!

VMP 07 - Soundclick

"Buy and Download Our Songs Today!"

The Talismen

"Peace & Love" Excellent! Fun and really Beatle-esque with a great message, it dont get better than that!

VMP 07 - Soundclick

"Help promote The Talismen! Put our Players and Banners on YourSpace!"

The Talismen

"Join The Talismen's E-mail list today!"

The Talismen

“Hi, We became a fan of yours on ReverbNation and we recommend you to our fans. ”

Ross Phazor - Reverbnation

"Have A Great Day"

Paul &amp; Chris

"Visit our other "CM & PJ Music" MySpace site"

The Talismen

"Thanks for becoming our friend. We really appreciate it! Stop back often We'll have new songs for you. "

The Talismen

“Great stuff! I'm thoroughly enjoying the listen! So cool!”

Ron Rutherford - Reverbnation

"The Talismens' CD "Goody, Goody, Good!" is Great, Great, Great!

CM &amp; PJ Music

“YOUR Music & HarMONIES aRE lIKE a Breath In Spring Nice Clean Fresh & Verry Inviting”

BIG JOHN - MySpace

“The Talismens' CD "One More Time" is FAB!!”

CM &amp; PJ Music

“Merci beaucoup pour 'More Amour' Je t'aime! C'est tres fantastique!!! ”

Ali - MySpace

“The new CD by The Talismen "Pictures In The Sky", is a groove!!”

CM &amp; PJ Music

“I'm on HOLIDAY whenever I listen to you guys and your beautiful music!!”

Stacy - MySpace

“Our songs promote Peace and Love, Joy and Happiness ”

CM &amp; PJ Music

“I loveeeeee MORE AMOUR!! Nothing says love more than a Talismen song!”

Jade - MySpace

“Hello! Let me introduce you to The Talismen We are a pair of song writing brothers, Chris and Paul, who write and perform our own original Pop/Rock tunes. ”

CM &amp; PJ Music

“I love "More Amour." What a great song!”

Beverly - MySpace

“I love "Namaste." It's absolutely beautiful, one of those songs that just lifts you off your feet! What a great song to wake up to!”

Beverly - MySpace

“Groovy music, Talismen Love it extremely”

The Loners - MySpace

“Love Love Love HOLIDAY! It really says it all in the usual Talismen spirit :)”

Jade - MySpace

“I love Namaste one of your best..:) ”

Viv - Reverbnation

“Your music is like heaven to my ears!”

Marla Worley - Reverbnation

“I've been a friend AND a fan of The Talismen like forever! Love their music.. it just makes me FEEL GOOD =] ”

Jade - Reverbnation

“Hey Fellas, love the stuff. I've got your widget on myspace.”

Dr. Detoxxx - Reverbnation

“You are the first group I've ever heard to create a sound that's as if the Beatles lived on. And to create such a positive group of songs is quite a feat!”

Will Rowe - Reverbnation

“i liked ur song magic cloud! very interesting. ”

Dave Meyer - Reverbnation