The Swipes / Press

“Versatile and varied. Pleasing to the ear.”

“The musical range is amazing, and production-related everything has been exhausted - with large quantities of effects, cool grooves and catchy bass lines.”

“This band plays very, very good songs and they seem to know what they want with their sound.”

“The Stooges and The Cramps meet The Hives and The Strokes in 2013 in a freshly renovated German garage.”

“A good, catchy mix of mod, pop and garage rock. The Swipes compose plain, neat, but also beautiful pop-rock tracks, citing Paul Weller and The Clash as well as Mando Diao.”

“Somehow underground, but somehow convenient for the big crowd as well. A considerable balancing act, but it works, without doubt. Some of the songs could perfectly be on air everywhere.”

“A great album - from top to bottom.”

“Enchanting, captivating music. The Swipes are retro-chic and smart.”

“The Swipes: an amazing four-piece band known for their individual yet very catchy sound. Featured band of the week.”

“The Swipes: tight, exciting, full, and hooks that are memorable good stuff!!! ”

“I'm impressed by your straight ahead approach to rock! Especially like 'Agents from Outer Space'. Great 'spy' feel to that one! ”

“This music sounds very mature and sophisticated. An elegant-dirty mixture which reminds a bit of bands like Triggerfinger, The Strokes and The (International) Noise Conspiracy (...) If you ever get a chance, you should see The Swipes live.”

“Not only do the Germans brew great beer, but now they are making great music. (...) The Swipes have changed the sound of garage bands. The Swipes have proven again that garage/protopunk sounds are back up to date. (...) If you're fans of The White Stripes, The Hives and The (International) Noise Conspiracy, then you will love these four Frankfurt's.”

“These four boys from Frankfurt play a thoroughly fancy blend of The Hives, The Stooges, The Cramps or anything of the kind. (...) An appealing sound, I’m really enjoying it. And I’m eager to see them live!”

“Top cover, top claim! And the music is no less awesome. 13 garage smashers on a debut cd without noteworthy deficiencies. Hats off!”

"I'm very glad you have a new record out, these tracks are killers!"

"Fresh songs that bear comparison with the big names (i.e. The Hives, The International Noise Conspiracy and The Clash) but are nevertheless very independent."

"Unfilial amalgamation of garage, pop, beat, punk and all kinds of well worked out sounds (...) Comes increasingly across as being spacy - like out of this world."

"A hipswinging, fist-in-the-air-pumping sound à la Hives, Hellacopters and Dictators"

“The Swipes is a German band who prefers to be classified under the genre “New Garage”. Their influences include garage punk and protopunk. This indie band has been consistently at the top of UK’s major music website, www.somojo.net. #3 in Top 10 New Bands To Watch Out For In 2010!”

“Among bands that they list as influences are The Hives, The Strokes, The White Stripes, The (International) Noise Conspiracy, Boss Martians, The Von Bondies, and quite a few others. If you’re a fan of ANY of these bands, I think you’ll find The Swipes to be a great addition to the collection. ”

“One of the currently most interesting bands in Frankfurt is called The Swipes.”

“The band of the evening (...) Inspired rock'n'roll hooklines, igniting effects.”

“The Swipes do what is necessary to make it fun and not boring. Absolutely on the safe side in the matter of taste!”

“Great music stuff in your very good rockin’ page, I love your style and your songs.”

“Your songs are sensational!!!! Keepin’ the Sixties alive!!!”