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The Sweetest Condition / Press

“Comparisons to the electrified goth/rock of The Birthday Massacre mixed with the darkly engaging electro-pop of The Azoic or Collide are sure to resound.”

“This is top-drawer industrial-synthpop that is well-produced, has a killer hook and had me hunting out the album after one listen.”

“The Sweetest Condition has a new album coming out in 2016: ‘We Defy Oblivion’ will be a lot more aggressive with darker roots and empowering lyrics.”

“The stomping grind of ‘Now’ evokes the spirit and sound of ‘Pretty Hate Machine’-era Nine Inch Nails.”

“Electro-industrial sounds with ’80s vibes.”

“Solid electro-pop elements really make this a great work for fans of The Azoic and The Razor Skyline.”

“From start to finish, 'Edge of the World' tugs at the heartstrings for those with a love for the dance-friendly, sing-along synthpop of the ‘80s, toughened up with a hint of ‘90s industrial/rock tinges and darkwave atmosphere.”

“About 'Control' (off ''Edge of the World'): Mean synths, guitars and basslines with a thumping drum rhythm and emotional lyrics. Album Rating: 8.2/10.”

“Insistent grooves and powerful, surging choruses … a potent aural cocktail. … Lyrically, love and war are common themes and seemingly interchangeable, both causes of pain, regret and deep wounds.”

“'Edge of the World' shines with a unique dark electronic style, strong female vocals and polished production.”

“Music that uses hooks to sneak into your psyche before making it’s home in your head and your heart. Sweetly seductive and seriously sinister. It’s an iron fist in a velvet glove.”

“Driving synths and guitars, energetic rhythms, all topped off by emotive vocals.”

“Humanity can be brutal and unforgiving, but also beautiful and selfless. That’s what my lyrics attempt to convey.”

Leslie Irene Benson, as quoted by John Crofts - Aggressive Deprivation

“‘Edge of the World’ is an incredible album.”

John Crofts - Aggressive Deprivation

“'Now' gives a good feel for the band’s potent and energized music. There's no shortage of originality, along with a very definitive and addictive sound.”

“Definitely one of the most solid, well-done albums in the electronic, goth-ish, dance music [genres]. Each song is very accessible, has thought and meaning, and is melodically pleasing. 4.0 out of 5.0 stars.”

“‘Edge of the World’ is a complete package, with its song order constructed to ebb and flow, most satisfying to listen to in order, from beginning to end.”

“A little darkwave, plenty of ’80s charm, and industrial influences of the ’90s.”

“‘Edge of the World‘ is an incredible album that is filled to bursting with the sort of music that could easily dominate the dance-floors.”

“'Edge of the World': Optimistic synthpop, vibrant, danceable … giving us some positive vibes both musically and lyrically.”

“Excellent songwriting, tight arrangements and powerful lyrics that tell engaging stories.”

“'Watch You Fall' by The Sweetest Condition ('Edge of the World' 2015) named Synthpop Song of the Day.”

“'Now' (from 'Edge of the World') defines the art and chaos of taking back control. It’s about embracing your inner strength.”

“['Edge of the World']: There are darker edges to some of the material and it definitely has substance, but we have fantastic eighties-style melodies given muscle with 21st century production and perspective.”

“The Sweetest Condition combines the best of goth, industrial, synthpop and poetry. In particular, "Control" is the greatest madcap '80s synthesizer throwback you never knew you absolutely had to have in your life.”

“Pure home-grown artists that have a range of talents and unbridled passion. ... These are all songs made with care, passion and purpose.”

“Hearing fans say they’ve listened to our album nonstop and they absolutely love it makes us feel like we’ve created something special. It’s great to see that so many people around the world are connecting with our music.”

“Songs such as ‘Beyond the Blue’ and ‘Now’ are exactly the sort of music the scene needs to drag itself out of the bland and repetitive hole it has crawled into over the past few years.”

“'Edge of the World': The songs on this album are amongst the best I have heard in the past five years of reviewing music. [And I've done over 300 reviews.]”

“On 'Edge of the World': Most of the disc trends more synth-pop, with the NIN-esque harsh edge called upon less frequently but judiciously. Throughout the disc there’s perhaps as much Thompson Twins, Human League, and Eurythmics in the mix, stylistically.”

“The 11 songs on 'Edge of the World' have a clear link with the ’80s. … 'Watch You Fall' is almost Eurythmics with an EBM beat. In 'Control,' you hear some Depeche Mode influences.”

“A good balance between electronics and guitar. Cool arrangements and some elevating choruses. Some songs move into pure indie-pop music [like] Goldfrapp. Songs are well-crafted. The female vocals are charismatic. I hope to hear more stuff from this band. Rating: 7/10.”

“Overall, ‘Edge of the World’ is a well-written, lyrically and musically interesting disc that relies on a solid balance of rhythm, vocals and controlled power to bridge the gap between its genre (industrial synthpop) and a broader listening audience.”

“'Now' is a song you might expect from a collaboration between Trent Reznor and Madonna. The edgy, industrial fabric – brilliant synth and background vocal distortion – combines with Benson’s voice, which sounds uncannily like Madonna’s. There’s a clear pop sensibility to the songwriting that recalls not just the Material Girl herself but also old-school pop music with a hint of ’80s new wave.”

“There is something moving and magical about a band that brings the best of ’80’s Pop-Rock into the 21st century, then combines it with a slice of Gothic macabre, a dollop of Industrial power and tops it all off with a plethora of catchy lyrics that leave you a sacricolist eagerly worshipping at the altar of delicious sound.”

“The Sweetest Condition has a knack for catchy, electronic dance music.”

“If Sisters of Mercy had a 1930's femme fatale lounge singer... this is what they would sound like.”

“'Edge of the World' contains dynamic tracks that inevitably draw the listener on the dance floor.”

“It is by far the best music I have heard in a very, very long time. Absolutely riveting, and completely spellbinding.”

“Solid synthpop. Earwigs are guaranteed.”

“80er Charme und Eingängigkeit gefallen sofort. Tanzbarkeit garantiert. Wertung: 4.5/5 – episch”

“An interplay of cool electronic backgrounds, dark guitars and warm vocals provide beautiful contrasts within the album, 'Edge of the World.'”

“['Edge of the World']: Overall a good album; one of the best of the year. Rating: 5+/6 Stars”

“Prompt, rousing melodies and clean, clear production.”

“'Edge of the World' reveals intimate and visceral stories.”

“Melodic synthpop + little specks industrial music + a bit of gothic gloom + beautiful female vocals = The Sweetest Condition = quality project.”

“An excellent artist I've just discovered! Reminiscent of I:Scintilla and Iris, this band has impressed me to the point where I've been playing them consistently on my radio show! Their music is most certainly worth your time! Rating: 5/5 Stars”

“A rare stylization of both exceptional skill and phenomenal vocal talent.”

“Another great surprise on the synthpop scene.”

“‘Edge of the World’ takes the listeners on a grand voyage into synthpop conceived on the influences from the ’80s synth era and a bit of industrial touch.”

“Pure passion and emotion … like something out of a modernized dark noir film that has a musical score written by none other than Danny Elfman from his ’80s ‘Boingo’ days.”

“'Edge of the World': Love this album! Have it on daily. Great mix of vocals and synth. Rating: 5/5 Stars”

“What makes [‘Edge of the World’] a whole package is a strong dance beat that they are unwilling to abandon throughout the album.”

“‘Try’ is one of my favourite tracks [on ‘Edge of the World’]—everything seems to fall into place, and since I see it as emotionally the strongest, I consider it to be an original signature of this duo. … Listen to it more than once to soak up its feel to the fullest.”

“‘Without You’ [the final track on ‘Edge of the World’] sends an emotional message that can linger with us as we come to the end of exploring this wonderful and very sincere piece of their artwork.”

“'Edge of the World': The Sweetest Condition returns with another great outing that combines the best of goth, industrial, synthpop and poetry. Leslie Benson's lyrics remain a perfect counter to Jason Milner's instrumentals. In particular, 'Control' is the greatest madcap ’80s synthesizer throwback you never knew you absolutely had to have in your life. Rating: 5/5 Stars”

“The style of music somehow mystically embraces the very essence and emotion of having someone like Ruth Etting or even Pola Negri from the ’30s singing vocals for INXS or Robert Palmer.”

“The [‘Edge of the World’] album really stands out for its dynamics and power of sound achieved primarily due to the pronounced percussion, vocals and good tunes ... everything is very organic.”

“'Edge of the World' follows the band’s 2013 five-song EP 'Truth & Light,' featuring 11 tracks that the band describes as “commentary on humanity, anti-conformity, self-loathing, and dream-chasing—a catalyst for transformation.” In addition to her work as a vocalist, Leslie Benson has earned a sizable reputation as a journalist for ReGen Magazine and her own Echo Immortalis publication. Jason Reed Milner has toured as a member for industrial/rock band Form 30, opening for numerous high profile acts including Razed in Black, Haujobb, The Last Dance, and My Life with the Thrill Kill Kult.”

“Very pleasant discovery. Excellent stuff.”

“Now is the best time to be an independent artist. The friendships we’ve made all over the world are priceless.”

“We currently live in Nashville, TN. It’s not just a country music town anymore. We’re part of a growing underground electronic music scene.”

“Something reminiscent of 1980s pop backed by a layer of heavy synthesizer mixed with foreboding piano chords.”

“The tunes on the 'Truth & Light' EP are dark and brooding, drawing on muses like Nine Inch Nails. The track 'Give Me the World' is a great introduction to their style.”

“When they step up to the microphone and keys, members of The Sweetest Condition are on a mission: breaking through the everyday noise and bringing listeners genre-blurring tunes.”

“The [songwriting/recording] process is a spiritual one for the singer and pianist.”

“Any way you slice it, Jason and Leslie are the type of supremely talented songwriters and performers that have sufficiently proven themselves to the point that you now ‘trust them.’ While you may not know at this point what to expect at the end of this musical journey, you can be guaranteed these two are going to give you an enjoyable ride.”