The Sweetback Sisters / Press

“[The Sweetback Sisters] mine songs from long ago eras of country music but escapes ending up as a dusty, nostalgic throwback by applying real energy and modern creativity to the vintage material. The perfect blend of temporal perspectives make the[ir] record a complete delight. Highly recommended.”

"The Sweetback Sisters in particular caus[ed] quite a stir at the festival with their strong vocals, great stage presence, and fine band."

"It's the Opry era of living legend Kitty Wells' heyday resurrected, thanks to the harmonies of leading ladies Emily Miller and Zara Bode, which shine with an almost theatrical precision." --Jed Ferris, Charlottesville Daily Progress, 1/5/2007

Jed Ferris - Charlottesville Daily Progress

“Put on your western shirt, sit back and let the Sweetback Sisters bring you back to a time when life was simpler and country was king.”

"...rollicking, dance-happy..."

Jedd Ferris - The Daily Progress, Charlottesville, VA

"[their] sound ranges from thoughtful and rich to fast and hard-thumping..."

Jennie Thompson - Go Triad

"...the swing music of the Sweetback Sisters drew couples to the dance floor"