The Suzies / Press

“[The Suzies]were more enjoyable than any other band that night. At their best they sound like loud, crashing, ambient surf music, reminding me of Atlanta’s Deerhunter, a favorite “band” band of the last decade. Others seemed to respond to the sound as well...”

Mod Mobilian

“ The Mobile-Press Register: Listening to The Suzies, on the other hand, is pure pleasure. They rock with the intensity of a punk band, but their focus on melody and hooks would make an R&B producer proud. ”

Dan Murtaugh - Mobile Press Register

“ The Suzies should have no problem getting the crowd rowdy with their stellar rock. Their high-adrenaline sound is matched only by their electrifying stage show. If their tracks online are any evidence, those in attendance should expect a set of contagious modern rock that should please all tastes. ”

The Lagniappe