The Susan Constant / Press

“the band ride a line between post-punk pop and modern pop music. It's an area and a thing they do better than anybody right now in this city”

Ryan Spaulding - Ryan's Smashing Life

“...the second coming of The Silencers. Smart lyrics, great musicianship, and serious hooks.”

Playlist for The Big One, Canada

“...Catchier-than-Wes Welker- power pop.”

Michael Marotta, Music Editor - The Boston Phoenix

“The Susan Constant walk a line between The Jayhawks and Death Cab For Cutie... It's a great sound...”

Johnny Anguish - Daykamp Music

“Our latest obsession”

And How Radio, 107.5FM, New Zealand

““...Anne, Ontario” is a level-headed, nigh-solemn march (or row, as it were) across one of the Great Lakes up to the great white north. This is a bit of a funeral march, but it’s not all drama and sadness; it’s like the song got over those long ago, and now marches with us into the land of acceptance."”

“The savvy Hollywood producer who doesn’t want to shell out big bucks to U2 for the closing credits of his good-cop-gone-bad police thriller might be well advised to use “Runner” instead”

The Noise, Boston

“The Susan Constant's debut EP, Rayonnement is a pleasing, three-song introduction to their classic Eighties Boston rock sound. Their straight-ahead delivery brings to mind the college rock of Boston-scene originals, Scruffy The Cat and Dumptruck. ”

George Dow - The Deli Magazine