The Sunset Villains / Press

“The Sunset Villains are a pop-oriented band from Drums that wants nothing more than to get its music out there and draw fans in with relatable lyrics and catchy melodies. The group seems well on its way. “We are currently working on a single with Grammy-nominated producer David Ivory,” said Christian Lombardo, lead vocalist, guitarist. “We’re hoping to get it into rotation on some stations and see where it goes from there.” For now the band, which also consists of Christian’s brother, Donny Lombardo, on keys, guitar and vocals, Anthony Dorse on guitar and vocals and drummer Ryan Wolk along with Jeff Tomassacci on bass, is happy to play covers while out at a club, sneaking in originals when possible.”

“The Sunset Villians hail from the Hazleton area. Band members include Christian Lombardo (vocals/guitars), Donny Lombardo (keys/guitars/vocals), Ryan Wolk (drums), Anthony Dorse (guitars/vocals), and Jeff Tomassacci (bass). They put on an exciting live show filled with pop-oriented originals and pop-rock covers. With complimentary songwriting styles the band has three writers – Christian, Donny and Anthony. You can find The Sunset Villians on Facebook.”