The Sundresses / Press

"bringing the modern recording industry to its knees."

Jeff Syroney - Soap Box Media

"A howling mad thing of dark beauty, like Hank Williams haunting Nick Cave until his walls bleed whiskey and blood."

Brian Baker - City Beat

"There's a giddy diversity to the music, which struts from adrenalized, howling Blues/Rock/Garage guitar riffs to a grabbing, boozy swagger."

Indie 911

“The Sundresses out of Cincinnati, Ohio could scare the ghosts right out of your house. But they might not leave so readily, once they hear the music, since it rocks so bloody hard. There's an ominous and classic quality to the text, and the singer is just a star, what a voice on this cat!”

American Slag Heap

"It sounds like a smoky bar teeming with stiff drinks and mustache-twirling regulars."

Rich Shivener - Metromix

"The Sundresses, they’re like a post-apocalyptic lounge band that survives on whiskey and plays through gasoline-powered amplifiers."

Brian Cross - The News Record