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“The A-side of the debut single from the Suicide Notes is a punky pop gem that's gonna be rolling around my head until summertime at least. "Hey Baby" makes full use of the group's three singers—Jessi Lixx, Double A, and Miss Joseph—with a call-and-response chorus and an undeniably catchy melody that's built around an ingenious pop structure. And in welcome contrast to the sunny, girl-group vibe they initially seem to emit, the Suicide Notes offer real muscle in the guitars, bass, and drums of their backline, plus a few unexpected flourishes like the brass fanfare in B-side "Last Chance." The single celebrates its release on Hovercraft Records tonight, marking the recorded debut of what is assuredly going to be one of Portland's most loved bands. Mark my words—the party starts now.”

“What in the hell have they been putting in the water in Portland the last ten years or so? The flow of great bands out of that city in recent years has been absolutely ridiculous. I think a colony of robots may be responsible. Maybe it’s all that rain. Every year that I’ve written about new music, Portland has loomed large. 2011 has been no different. The Cry! blew my ass away a couple months back, and now The Suicide Notes have my jaw dropping. Given the involvement of Portland punk rock stars Patrick Foss (Pure Country Gold), Tim Connolly (Epoxies), and Howie Hotknife (Mean Jeans), it’s easy to see why this new band is such a force of nature. Those dudes would be a super-group in their own right. But teamed up with not one or two but three talented female singers, they’re taking it to another level entirely. Imagine a macabre Shangri-Las with a punk edge, and you get the idea. Jessi Lixx, Miss Joseph, and Double A harmonize like they’ve been singing together forever, and...”

“This past Sunday's extreme,summer heat brought me to a surprise rock show on a river beach where I caught a performance from newly formed,girl-fronted band The Suicide Notes. Nothing gets me in better mood more than some hypno-rocking,3-part harmonies, & this band's got just that. Plus, the singers wore great matching outfits & black sunglasses, which only added to the appeal. I was transported to a west coast beach party movie where girl groups rule the soundtrack &the crowd busts into an impromptu choreographed dance (figuratively, of course).Shangri-Las + B-52s, anyone?Yes me please!The Suicide Notes is a guitar, bass, & drum patchwork of Portland,OR bands led by a trio of female lead singers who harmonize effortless pop/rock vocals on each of their tracks.To be more specific,they describe themselves as"Where Beaches meet Death, The Shangri La's do it with The Ramones and we end up in your vintage car"...”

“We weren't alone when we spilled a few tears in our tallboys after garage rock duo Pure Country Gold called it quits earlier this year. Little did we know that our inbox would soon reveal a new project from PCG mastermind Patrick Foss and pals. The Suicide Notes are compiled of Foss, Tim Connolly (Epoxies), and Howie Doodat (Mean Jeans), and given their ghastly moniker, it's a safe assumption that this is going to be a caustic punk band like no other. Or not. As it turns out, Suicide Notes' notable ex-members are overshadowed by their three female singers, giving the band a pleasant girl group pop sound. The Suicide Notes describe themselves as "The Shangri-Las meet the Ramones," but there is also a solid pop-punk element here, akin to Cub and the mid-90s bubblegum era of Lookout! Records. ”

“The Suicide Notes will soon be among Portland's favorite bands. That's in part because the sextet hasn't even played a show and already has its look wrapped up—the trifecta of female frontwomen remind of a white, tattooed version of the Shirelles—but also because of the band's stellar Portland punk credentials (members of the Epoxies, Pure Country Gold and Mean Jeans? Yes, please!). The band's early recordings aspire to sound like Phil Spector-produced Crystals recordings meeting late-’90s Lookout! records fare, a feat the band is already quite close to pulling off. Early press photos emphasize the color-coordinated frontwomen, and they are surely the main attraction, but expect plenty of explosive riffage from the back-up musicians, too. We also expect—nay, demand—matching suits. ”

“Plenty of leather-clad punkers have tried to combine the gooey choruses of the girl-group acts of yore with the energetic pogo of punk rock, yet not all can claim to be Ronnie and Joey. Enter the Suicide Notes, the so-new-they-have-yet-to-play-a-show supergroup consisting of Patrick Foss (Pure Country Gold), Tim Connolly (Epoxies), Howie Doodat (Mean Jeans), and a trio of female singers. While their past screams punk, their future coos pop, and the result is a delectable and bouncy sound that harkens back to the glory days of Lookout! Records. Tonight marks their first performance to date, but if their effortless marriage between Spector pop and vintage punk is any indication, we'll be fortunate to hear a lot from the Suicide Notes in the very near future.”

“Portland,OR. This music Mecca attracts a few dozen, half talented indie wannabes from within a 70 mile radius on a daily basis. With 1 in 5 new bands seeming to come from this musically dense area, how can we tell a good'un from a bad'un? Well, w/a Suicide Notes-O-Meter of course! Because it's hard to top The Suicide Notes' 60's inspired garage pop. Attacking your speakers like a hyped up Pipettes covering The Ramones, The Suicide Notes are 100%, brilliantly macabre fun....Far from their rather morbid name, this band craft charging, boppy melodies about love, relationships and err, the beach. Inspired by yet never aping 60's bands, the girls harmonise with the best of them, effectively turning the tradition of boy-obsessed girl group associations on their head as they rock out hard, rather than sob quietly into their beehive about loves lost. If you're ever feeling down, under the weather, or even just a bit icky, you need The Suicide Notes in your life. ”

“If you are also in love with group vocals and surf-punk tunes, check out The Suicide Notes. And if you and your friends were thinking of starting an awesome singing group, do it: The world needs you.”