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“Prayers in Parking Lots is a good example of how music can include as many genres as you want if you know how to weave them together. The Suicide Dolls have gone and shown how masterful they are at this loom.”

"Unofficial survey of That One Relatively Unknown Band Blowing People’s Minds: Connecticut’s Suicide Dolls, who continue to impress everyone that watches them."

"... their album, recorded by Justin Pizzoferrato (Thurston Moore, DINOSAUR JR., FREE KITTEN), quite possibly my favorite record of 2012."

"A gloriously sleazy gutter-punk-junk version of ‘When The Shit Hits The Fan’ by the Suicide Dolls is a lethargically drawled pleasure."

"With virtually no breaks between songs, the Dolls ripped through an almost half-hour set. I sensed a strong vibe of ‘80s dark wave and ‘90s noise rock in their songs, especially in Albano’s guitar sound, and it gave the Dolls one of the more interesting sounds I’ve heard in awhile."

"Their focus and attention to detail is apparent as they were able to deliver an intense performance, carefully executing with surgical precision."

"The Suicide Dolls take on the most challenging task, in my opinion, by trying to blend both the original punk rock feel of the Circle Jerks' "When The Shits The Fan" with the band's own lounge parody of it. Instead, they change it into an X-style rave up that expresses both the burn out of living in Hollywood along with the energy of hope of moving there in the first place."

“You want pure sonic psychedelia? Gaze into ‘Elizabeth’, a slow burning number that sounds like Mazzy Star but with distortion, feedback and an explosive payoff.”

" I could do a festival called "Suicide Dolls' Openers Fest" and it would be chock full of incredible breaking bands!"

Sean Patrick Murray. Talent Buyer at Oasis Pub/I Am Festival New London, CT - Facebook

"It’s a confident album with a big, bristling sound: Montavon’s basslines charge along in lockstep with Covey’s pounding drums, while Albano delivers tough guitar riffs that seethe with tension."

“ "If one thing were lacking in the general rock genre these days, it is the uniqueness and wholly original sound that can be found in an album like this one."”

"Songs like "Pretty Lie" buck and heave with all the tenacity and grit of Sonic Youth in their prime, with grimy drums pounding away against sludgy, serrated guitars. Singer Michelle Montavon recreates the growling panache of Courtney Love minus the prom dresses, as her revenge-fantasy lyrics add an extra dose of bile to the song's monstrous, dirty presence."

"Make me choose three tracks as the best ones in this collection and I’ll go for The Suicide Dolls, Amanda Palmer & The Grand Theft Orchestra and Weekend."

"Pizzoferrato nails the sound the band is obviously going for, as it conjures the unmistakable influence of their favorite bands. The music has that driving force of You’re Living All Over Me (Dinosaur Jr) and the experimental edge of Daydream Nation (Sonic Youth)." --

"The Suicide Dolls mesmerize you with sound, the songs smash into each other and the mood is intense sensory overload...The Connecticut are tight the way a jazz trio can be tight, the way Ornette Coleman can use harmonics to be tight."

"Garage Psych 3 piece... like a bear; like a big, rock and roll bear that’s got the scent of blood."

“New London's Suicide Dolls, who hands-down played my favorite set of the whole fest... are loaded with angst, ennui, and all kinds of other turbulent psycho-emotional stuff English doesn't have words for. Sets like theirs are making grunge a feasible genre again, and that's a wonderful thing.”

Dan Barry - Hartford Advocate