The Suicide Chords / Press

“At first, the three other members of the Suicide Chords were unaware that their bassist was in the process of hijacking an award. “We were all still at the bar and we looked up at the Jumbotron,” drummer Clay Hackett says, “and we said, ‘Man, that guy sure looks like Dylan. Wait a minute — that is Dylan!’” Read more: http://www.sandiegoreader.com/news/2013/oct/30/blurt-hard-rock-heist-sdmas/#ixzz2jKGhsA5w”

“In an industry where the spirit of real rock and roll seem to be getting pushed to the backburner by corporate regurgitated fluff pop and meaningless rap, a band based out of San Diego, California is looking to shake things up. Rock music seems to have gotten a bit sanitized over the last few years and The Suicide Chords are looking to shake things up a bit. If you haven’t heard of these guys yet, then here is your introduction to what possibly could be the next big thing. Now remember, when they blow up big, don’t forget it was RockRevolt Magazine who told you about them.”

“Suicide Chords: This band may actually be better than they think they are. Humble to a fault, SC are a tight and sleazy metal band with a smoke-em-if-you-got-em attitude and a totally different spin on the metal genre. They'd like for you to call it Romance Metal -- they do. The Chords are based in Ocean Beach; they've been together since 2009 with Clay Hackett on skins, guitarist Jai Luna, Jay Edwards as singer/front man, and Dylan Wills on bass guitar. The band is in pre-production for a new EP that will follow the pair they released last year: The Wilshire EP and Prelude to 11.”

"Tightly wrapped guitar-driven stuff, strong production values, and a prog-rocker feel are words I would use to describe the band's body of work to date."

“Last summer, Anvil! The story of Anvil played at the Ken Theater for a week. I saw it three times. Needless to say, I can't recommend this movie enough (currently available on DVD). Filled with laughs, optimism and tragedy, it's a wonderful, well-rounded film. During its run at the Ken, "Lips" and Robb were on-site (one evening) for a Q&A and a performance with Anvil at the Ken Club. Sadly, I missed it. However, since the release of the film, Anvil has been propelled back into the limelight with appearances on television/festivals, a new record in the works (Juggernaut of Justice) and a VH1 tour booked through 2010, including a stop at the House of Blues/San Diego!!! Here's the info : VH1 Classic Presents The Anvil Experience with the Suicide Chords on Feb. 2. This is an all-ages show. All ages Perhaps I'll see you at the show? I'll be the tall dude in the front, screaming "Metal on Metal" from the top of my lungs, watching Anvil satisfy their childhood dreams. ”