“THE SUGAR DADDYS self titled album named to Schwindy's Favorite Albums of 2012. "Another year, another great album from this Southern California trio."”

“The Sugar Daddys play a blend of revved up rockabilly that has many people claiming that they are swingabilly or neo rockabilly, and even psychobilly. My better half who likes these guys, says that they have a "a kool dirty grinding lounge feel". Whatever your take is on The Sugar Daddys, one thing for sure is that this is a stout band. With the release of this self-titled disc (their 4th album) The Sugar Daddys pull no punches and show why they are considered one of the better bands to come out of Orange County. Sure this is basically more of the same but why fix it when it isn't broke. The band drops 10 kool tracks here and overall this has a more aggressive tone than their previous efforts. Highlights include: "Tear Filled Trail ", "Move", "Viva Las Vegas" and "She's Always Right". The Sugar Daddys are a band that has always delivered the goods. This is no less, and a bit more, of what you would expect from this outfit, really solid modern rockabilly.”

“BEST ROCKABILLY BAND- 2010 THE SUGAR DADDYS Neo-rockabilly trio the Sugar Daddys have been called the "rockabilly Blink-182," which probably has more to do with the playfulness and swagger within the standup-bass-guitar-drums template that lead singer Chuck Daniels brings onstage than with the goofy stage shows. Not that the Sugar Daddys aren't funny; their sense of humor transcends the 1-4-5-in-G exercises that people have come to expect from rockabilly bands (their albums' secret tracks ape everyone from AC/DC to Flight of the Conchords). Plus, no matter how rockabilly their sound is, their material is still inspired by such universal themes as drinking, heartbreak and tattoos.”

“Every once in a while, I like to play a little word association. Let's try it again. Rockabilly. What was your response? Slicked hair? Hot rods? PBR? Tattoos? Any one of those would be a valid answer. Tattoos would have been a particularly apt response. The Sugar Daddys (named best rockabilly band by OC Weekly in 2010) album begins with a song called "TMB," which stands for "tattoo me, brother." The title track is my favorite on this album full of good songs. In this song, the narrator catalogs all the reasons why he is bad for a certain woman. Check out the guitar in "What's the Deal?" Not to mention Chuck Daniels's bass lines throughout the album. So go ahead. Slick back your hair, get in your hot rod and have a couple PBRs while check out this band. Just make sure to bring your dancing shoes because this band will get you moving.”

“THE SUGAR DADDYS "I'M BAD FOR YOU" FKO RECORDS. 6 OUT OF 5 STARS! Now to cut a long story short, „I'm Bad For You“ is like I expected it to be – if you liked „Down The Road“ you won't be disappointed by this one! Again the songs are catchy and all of them are the bands very own. „TMB“ stands for „tattoo me brother“, the opening song describes your feelings before the needle hits you („...let the pain begin...“). „Cold Hot Nights“ reminds me of a love that's dead and gone, but you will like it because of it's catchy melody! „I'm Bad For You“ tells the story how everything can go wrong in a love affair – you will press the „repeat“ button for sure! So „Drinkin My Life Away“ is what nearly all of us think sometimes but on the other hand, everyone knows, tomorrow morning a „Brand New Day“ begins! 6 out of 5 possible stars ;-)”

Boppin' Blue Gene - Dynamite! Magazine