The Style Biters / Press

“CW: There is one guarantee - if you come to this show, you will leave so entertained you will wonder if it was all a dream.”

“The old adage that the third time's a charm certainly does not apply to this weekend's Less Than Three Fest. The electronic music concert at Mankato's What's Up Lounge has expanded and strengthened its lineup to make version 2.0 of the show an unforgettable series of live performances.”

“In one of their more recent releases, Mankato electronic band the Style Biters emote, "Music scene's over-run, back to square one." "Going back to square one means a lot of things, it's about going back to the place you started from with music," said Charlie Wheeler a.k.a. Sea.Dubbz, one of two vocalists for the Style Biters. "A lot of bands compromise what they really wanted to get out of their music, and I think we (as musicians) all need to look at where we are and see if we have abandoned our original idea." ”