The Stupid Crew / Press

“I just heard "Go DUMM" for the 8th time today! That is my s***!!! When can I download this for some DJ's and roller rinks so we can rail ride to this! ”

Cashus Clay

“This is brittany angel outa louisville ky! just wanted to show my love to the stupid crew! They stay goin hard makin sure they shit the hottest in the ville! keep reppin for us yall r doin ya thing xoxo ”

Brittany Angel

“Let me first say that the things they say are real! "Welcome to Stupidville" This is my favorite song. T-Bayby and others hit it right on the nose with this original track! Keep spitting the real! You almost there! Don't stop!”

Ratosha Hayden

"I been listening to 90's music like C-Bo, E-40, Scarface, etc. because I can't find many artist that can flow, be real, and relate to me while keeping my attention! I been waiting a long time for someone to meet those expectations, but now the wait is over FINALLY! From Jacksonville, FL to Louisville, Ky. we got much love! Will there be any performances here? When? And where? I'm there!

Mark Gibbons

"Thank ya'll for bringing lyricism back to rap and never loosing touch with the struggle!"

Reggie Brink - D Mack

“In Today's Era of MATERIALISTIC music, BEEF broadcasting music, Rock Rap, School boy swag, Pretty boy swag, Metro sexual skinny jean related rhymes and over the top Socially conscience music (that only serves to confuse) it would seem that our SOUNDS have sadly SOLD OUT and now it is going to take something real STUPID to bring the Bangin Beats, Fun flows and good vibes back to our Music. It would be pretty STUPID to face a crew of 3 musically motivated lyrical murderers who hold unmeasurable determination, countless connections and untamed talent then challenge THEM to "do something".....Ready or not I give you The Stupid Crew!!!”

Angel Lumpkins - S.T.U.P.I.D.