The Stronghold / Press

“Slave To Self has some nice flowing guitars and thumping drums to start off, but also a bit awkward paced vocals. By :36 though, the yelling growling style is back, and I do prefer it still. Nicely done going across 1:00 with a slight breakdown and right back into the tune. 1:35 I'm noticing the drums are going crazy. The difference in the vocals between 1:58 to 2:03 are rather big for such a short span. 2:45, sounding rather angry. 3:10, some more nice playing, a bit different from the rest of the tune. As I listen, I think there could be some good lyrics going on, but I can't seem to catch much of them. The end drops right out and into the crowd sounds.”

“This Is The End is rather potent off the hop, but slows down more than I expected by :25. But that is just a throw off, because it comes in even more harder. Tons of smashing around and can feel the energy coming through. I imagine being in the crowd would be quite fun. Nice little drum roll at 1:44. Cross the 2:00 and the song slows right down again and starts to rebuild around 2:15. I prefer the screaming over the singing, but a normal album over a live track might prove different. 3:40, some nice guitar there. Closes out well. ”

“Good agressive live performances, good musicianship, solid mix of hardcore and metalcore whatever they call it. Screams/growls are classic for the genre reminding me of Frankie Palmeri of Emmure, and I guess with some studio post-production your vocals will sound even better. Well, I think you guys are hurricane-like live. ”

Konstantin - signmeto.roadrunnerrecords.com

“great show last night fellas...you guys ripped the stage apart as always...can't wait to share the stage again...and props to Eric he stepped up and did a great job...great addition to the band...\rock on/ ”

Phil Humphries - Facebook

“Loved it last night guys, for real. When you're done recording, I'm pre-ordering that sweet sweet brutal orchestration lol”

Julian D. Guillen - Facebook

“Hey guys! Amazing show tonight! Was awesome to see you all again, and holy shit! You guys get more and more brutal! Great stuff, fellas! It was an honor to open for you all tonight. ”

Mike Cochran - myspace