The Streakin' Healys / Press

“Portland’s hillbilly hard-rock band The Streakin’ Healys is celebrating months of recording by performing all over the Pacific Northwest this winter. The group includes lead singer “Big Mike” Healy, lead guitar player Jarrod “Double Wide” Schneyer, new bass player “Manassas” and “Classy Pete” Egbers on drums. The band finds hard drinking a good subject for songs, evidence in their 2011 release “Booze Fighter” and their self-classified genre of “drunkabilly.” Healy says that he has some tricks up his sleeve for the upcoming shows, which are notable for their crowd interaction and sing-along anthems. Stop by Old Nick’s Pub, 211 Washington St., to share a beer with band when they play on Sunday, Feb. 7.”

“(T)hey are altruistic, claiming their debut album, Booze Fighter “is saving country music one shot of whiskey at a time.” So, naturally, I was intrigued. The first song “Honky Tonk Nights” got my attention. It starts with a mellow guitar chord, the sound of beer can popping open, and then busts into some Celtic punk-sounding hillbilly bluegrass with redneck/punk vocals and a manic fiddle. That’s the best I can describe it. Fun. The other tracks continue in that musical vein. A lot of polka, rockabilly, mandolin, washtub bass even.. And to make it better, they aren’t afraid to wield a harmonica on some tracks. I love me some harmonica. My favorite part of the Streakin’ Healys, though, is their lyrics. So deep, they really make you think. Well, kinda. At least they make you laugh. A lot. This is a band I’m going to have to see live. Streakin’ Healys – won’t you please come to Denver?”

“These hard drinking, aggressive hillbilly rockers probably do their streaking with straw hats and union-suit red socks on!”