The Stone City / Press

“Man, this CD had been sitting on my desk for so long, I have no idea how it even got there. But within seconds of that first garage-y blitz, I knew this disc was gonna take a revered place in my CD collection. Hell yes! From the first swirling, frenetic moments of opening cut, "The Carrot and the Stick" I knew I'd stumbled upon a treasure. Simple, almost rudimentary (as all good garage rock should be) the irrepressible beat married to that, funky-blast-from the garage, "Carrot" got me hooked right away. Best of all though was the way the chorus broke down in to that swirling whirlpool of a descending riff. Freak-tastic.”

“The gutsy fusion of rock and blues on Geoff and the band's latest project, World Gone Crazy, is proof that not all rock music is created equal. Geoff Abraham & The Stone City have put together an amazing project that, if it catches on among rock/blues fans, it's going to really take this band to the top of the charts. I'd recommend those of you out there reading this to check these guys out if you're looking for a great rock band who has something new to offer. ”

"Geoff Abraham is one of the most talented and prolific singer/songwriter/musician and all-around class act that I've had the pleasure to work with"

Shawn C. Lane CEO/President of FastLane Records

“One of the best live bands I've seen in a long time. These guys are the real deal!”

Jeff Robertson