The Stereo Hogzz / Press

“On Friday the group joined us live on GDLA... see what they said about their X-Factor run in this GDLA interview video. ”

“R&B male group The Stereo Hogzz performed a rendition of Otis Redding’s “Try A Little Tenderness” and Jay-Z and Kanye’s “Otis” on last night’s “The X Factor” and undeniably ripped it! Paula Abdul mentored and helped produce their performance and was in tears by the end of their performance. All of the judges, including Simon Cowell were blown away, which leaves us to ask: Are The Stereo Hogzz the next big thing?”

“I caught the first live show performance of the group Stereo Hoggz on the US X-Factor. JLS and The Risk are arguably the strongest groups that have been on the show, but Stereo Hoggz made them both look kind of weak. Not only are the vocals/harmonizing on point, but the cheorgraphy/dancing is light years ahead of anything JLS does (who keep trying to cover their average dance skills by making Aston do backflips all the time, or having Marvin lift his shirt). It's interesting that The Risk are joint favorites to win UK X-Factor. They are good in the context of this show, but I don't think they'd even get on the live shows on the US version.”

“Right now the only thing on my mind is Stereo Hogzz; the last time I felt this fully obsessed with a boyband that was not Take That, was when JLS showed up on the scene on UK’s The X Factor nearly three years ago. Well HOLD UP PEOPLE.. There are new boys in town..”

“The only one who made it into the top 12 which originally started as a group is The Stereo Hogzz. The group consists of best friends who got the moves and voices which served as their passes to the bootcamp and eventually, the Judges’ House, the top 17 and the top 12. Cosisting of Justin Williams, Kregg Gibson, Jonathan Glenn, George Jenkins III and Trace Kennedey, music is definitely the group’s way to stay out of trouble, everything that can lead them astray from their focus and their goals.”

“What's better than sex? Sex and a cigarette, evidently. At least that's implied in Stereo Hogzz's catchy "Sex and a Cigarette," a spacey, digitized, Trey Songz-ian sexing-up of your ears. The Hogzz are a five-man Houston R&B group. They've been together for a year or so and do complex dances in unison. All five are thin and handsome, and dress cool relative to R&B groups: They wear scarves and vests and sunglasses when it's dark. Not surprisingly, Stereo Hogzz enjoy the company of many females when they are out. Tonight they're one of the performing acts at the second installment of the "A Muse Abused" party series at Midtown's Plush Lounge (2700 Milam). This time, three acts performed at Plush: Montana, Stereo Hogzz and Ricquo Jones. Though the Hogzz were easily the most enjoyable performance to watch — any time you see five guys dance like robots at the exact same time is a winner.”