The Steel Soldiers / Press

“Fast-paced, up-beat, knock-your-socks-off rock 'n roll that makes you want to write home to tell your Momma about! Oh yeah, The Steel Soldiers are up and coming on the San Antonio "Original Rock" scene. Their hit song "Steel Coaster" stays true to its fans by declaring "We're gonna rock your ass tonight". The band owns any stage they take and will win over new fans by featuring the talents of: "The Man behind the Mic" Supe Steele, with none other than "Major" Mike McDonald sparking fire from his fingertips on lead guitar, also featuring B.J. Thomas "Mr. steady go live" with his guitar packing such a punch it'll "ROCK" you off your seat and make you ask for another hit, and don't forget about Chris "CP6" Phillips pounding his skins hard enough you'll be begging for some more Steel on the drums! Oh yeah, these guys are something to be seen LIVE. Now is the time to start running your mouth!”