The Steady Eddies / Press

"The Steady Eddies: Giving the People What They Want"

“Thank you so much for your AMAZING performance this weekend! Steady Eddies rocked it out at the The North Carolina Seafood Festival!!!! ”

Julie Glanzer / NC Seafood Festival - Facebook

“...Do NOT miss The Steady Eddies, they are great and offer the best variety of music ever. Saw them a couple of weeks ago and was very impressed. For those who don't know me, I own a Radio Station In Plymouth NC and pride myself in recognizing great talent..The Steady Eddies is a group of GREAT TALENT!”

Bill Benjamin / Magic 95.9FM - Facebook

"The Eddies" are the perfect band to guarantee a fun event. They gave a note-perfect performance with faithful renditions of classic tunes and current hits. The three-piece band has a full, well balanced sound that fills the room. The set lists feature a good mix of songs from different eras that will please anyone in attendance, regardless of age.

“Thank you very much for playing at our wedding ~ We had a blast and the time our our lives!! Thank you for hanging with us until the very end of the night !!! Thank you for making it a great event that we will have memories about forever!!!! Cannot thank you enough!! ”

Lindsay Funderburk Phillips - Facebook

“You guys are AWESOME!!! Enjoyed meeting you guys and your show, variety of music and your talent was greatly enjoyed! So if anyone checks out this page and wonders if they would like to see this band, think no more, you MUST see and hear this band! ”

Wade Williams - Facebook

“After rockin' the house last night, The STEADY EDDIES are back again TONITE Absolutely the best band in Moore County this weekend!”

The Jefferson Inn - Southern Pines, NC - Facebook

“Thanks for helping make memories for Leah & Tony Brannock's Wedding Festivities this past weekend! Enjoyed it tremendously!”

Kathy Priddy Jackson - Facebook

“Last night was great!!! Great friends, great beverages and one awesome band!! The Steady Eddies rock like always!!”

Fan post via Facebook

“One word? WOW! Looking forward to next time!”

Sports Connection Hamlet, NC - Facebook

“Live On Grace.... Saturday we have The Steady Eddies!! They are an awesome cover band that plays everything from Sublime to Cheap Trick to Kings of Leon!!!! They are a great well rounded band that will rock the stage.Dont miss this one. This is the show everyone will be talking about on Monday!”

Live On Grace - Wilmington, NC

"Thanks for a wonderful performance!"

“I have been around the music scene for a long time and have listened to and met a lot of different bands but was thoroughly impressed by you guys. When I hear three piece band I am expecting the usual; Stevie Ray, ZZ Top, Hendrix etc. Not that there is anything wrong with that but, I was pleasantly surprised by your song selection, excellent vocals and musicianship, sound quality and overall stage presence. It was my pleasure meeting all of you and I appreciate you having me come up and sing with you. That was a lot of fun. It is very refreshing to meet other musicians who love what they do and are passionate about music. I look forward to seeing you again and wish you all the best.”

Adam Powell (Musician) - Facebook

“I was there and you guys were awesome! I have never gotten the chance to hear you and I am so glad I did.”

Fan post via Facebook (Jan 10, 2011)

"I had a blast Steady Eddies!!! Thanks for letting me set in with the band and playing the maracas it was awesome!!!!! I loved it!!!!!"