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“The Steadies released Love Revolution to kick off the month of April. Spring invokes energies of change, and The Steadies picked the perfect time to share positive vibes through music. Frontman and bassist – Earl Pereira – shared in an interview that he is a naturally positive individual. Earl said he “likes to project good feelings and vibes” everywhere that he goes. Pereira’s life is filled with musical experience, and he gleans life lessons along the way. Music and songwriting is a way for him to relate his good intentions to the world. But he does not do it alone – each member of the trio contributes and imprints their artistic bend to the tracks. Lexie Miller runs percussion, and Justin Lee wraps intense reggae chords on the guitar. The whole trio contributes to vocals. The Steadies rely on one another for support – musically and as close companions.”

“The Steadies to bring summer vibes back to Ottawa! Live music in the summer always has a special quality to it – yes, it is entirely cliché. But after being cooped up for over six months of the year, it feels good to finally strip away the oversized, cable-knit sweaters and let loose with the perfect summer soundtrack. Luckily for us in Ottawa, we’ll be able to get that ball rolling with some performances by reggae-dance rockers The Steadies. The Saskatchewan natives are coming to the Heart & Crown Byward this week, bringing their unique flavor of “Island Rock”, a style of music that they’ve invented for themselves. “It’s our own style – it’s a hybrid of mixing different sounds together to make things new because a lot of things have been done already,” says Lead Vocalist and Bassist Earl Pereira, explaining that it combines some of the most interesting and high energy aspects of music: reggae, funky groove based sounds and rock n’ roll.”

“Although it still seems somewhat odd to imagine blues rockers Wide Mouth Mason without their erstwhile bassist Earl Pereira, there’s very little that seems more right than Pereira fronting island rock power trio The Steadies. An evolution from an earlier version of the band Mobadass, The Steadies have built a name across Western Canada for their high intensity and highly danceable shows, with Pereira helming the bandleader and front man duties like a seasoned veteran. Having played a number of memorable shows in the Queen City over the last few years, the band returns for two CD release shows Friday and Saturday at Durty Nelly’s (formerly McNally’s Tavern). “We’re going to be playing pretty much the whole album live,” Pereira enthuses, “as well as some of our older stuff and some classic high energy party vibe. It’s more exciting this time because it’s always weird when you’re playing a show without something new, especially after a couple years.”

“1. The album is called Starcity Shakedown (not to be confused with Star City Saskatchewan) and it's a 12-song musical journey packed full of dance floor shakers and a more refined island-rock sound. This is the band's first full-length release as The Steadies (formerly known as Mobadass) and it's the follow up to the 2011 EP that garnered a WCMA nomination and a top 50 pop/rock radio song in Canada. 2.Frontman and bassist Earl Pereira (co-founder of Juno-nominated group Wide Mouth Mason) produced and mixed the album in his own studio with help from Steadies guitarist/certified engineer Justin "Juice" Lee. Pereira used a combination of his past experience with producers who have worked with artists such as Paul McCartney, Prince, Ben Harper and No Doubt, as well as spending the past two years obsessively learning the technical side of mixing in order to create the soundscapes he had envisioned for the album. 3. Made in Saskatchewan! The album was made entirely in the band's home provi”

“Steady as she goes: Steadies back with new album after setback. Earl Pereira is open about how disappointing the launch of The Steadies’ last album, 2013’s Starcity Shakedown, was for the band. Momentum stalled a month after the album came out when Pereira ruptured his achilles tendon on tour. He wasn’t able to walk, let alone tour. Recovery took nearly a year. It was a challenging experience for the typically upbeat Saskatoon musician. The band never toured the record, instead forging ahead with new writing. Three years later, the band is back with a new album, a more solidified lineup and heaps of optimism. Love Revolution, the band’s third full-length, comes out in April. It’s the first to feature relatively new drummer Lexi Miller (who joins Pereira on bass and guitarist Justin Lee).”

“To record their first full-length album Starcity Shakedown, the Steadies’ frontman Earl Pereira had to reflect on the tricks gleaned from working with some of the world’s top producers. As the bassist in Juno-winning trio Wide Mouth Mason for close to two decades, he had plenty of opportunities to see how the A-list get the right sounds. When it came time to lay down some new dub-pop concoctions, there was no question that it would be done DIY. Along with guitarist/former engineer Justin “Juice” Lee and a fresh perspective from new drummer Lexie Miller, Pereira nailed down what he believes is the finest moment in his career so far. It shows; the 12-track album comfortably blends dance and reggae with infectious pop, making them a unique voice in their hometown of Saskatoon. Starcity Shakedown can be purchased from the band’s website. Fans of 10cc will undoubtedly recognize "I Don't Like Music (I Love It)" as a smart spin on the Brit band's #1 hit "Dreadlock Holiday". The Stea”

“In what has been an incredible year of change, the Steadies are doing their best to live up to their name. Lead singer Earl Pereira recently left his hometown of Saskatoon for the bright lights of Toronto as his wife accepted an internship at Elle Magazine. He believes the move will also have a significant impact on his own career. “I can do my work anywhere, I was just hoping that if we left Saskatoon we wouldn’t go anywhere smaller,” Pereira said. “I’ve grown to really enjoy the things that Toronto can bring.” Backstage Pass: Best friend’s plays bring back memories for Henry Woolf In a telephone interview, Pereira stressed that despite the geographical differences, the Steadies are stronger than ever. Their single See You When I Go has received significant radio play in Canada, cracking the top 50. Pereira attributes the success to another big c”

“In a few short weeks The Steadies will celebrate the release of their first, full-length album. It’s an achievement that Earl Pereira says is a long time coming and required a full group effort. “It’s something that we’ve been working towards for quite a while now,” says the band’s frontman. “When it came time to making our record, doing things in a big studio, or any professional studio these days, is not cheap. It got to the point where I just figured I would learn to do it all, even the technical side, the engineering and recording.” Together with guitarist Justin Lee, a certified engineer, the band found a way to produce the kind of music they always wanted. Pereira recalls using his background as an arranger to help him when it came time to mixing the album. He also spent a lot of time learning everything he could about the technical side. “I really just spent the last six months soaking up as much as I could about that craft. As we were driving around, inste”

“The Steadies take the explosively popular Top 40 sound and mix it with rocksteady and reggae influences, creating what they’ve dubbed, “island rock.” No matter your mood, The Steadies pick you up and carry you to the beach in your mind, the club in your dreams, the place you go to clear your head and dance. It’s a scene where rumbling fault lines rip open the dance floor, and the only thing that keeps you from falling over is the gravitational pull of the steady beat. The Steadies aren’t invited to the party---they are the party. Their latest release, Starcity Shakedown (November 29th 2013), is an ode to the band's rocksteady roots and continues to build on the band’s signature style. Starcity Shakedown marks their first release since the 2011 self-titled EP which garnered a top-50 hit in Canada and was nominated for a Western Canadian Music Award. Ever the road warriors, The Steadies play upwards of 100 shows each year, making them one of the busiest bands in Saskatchewan.”

“While the festive spirit moves its way across the country, some of your favourite Canadian musicians are releasing new albums, new sounds and new stuff for the music lover on your holiday shopping list. Also out in time for the Holidays is the latest from groove makers The Steadies. The album Starcity Shakedown features tracks that channel the reggae-pop sounds of The Police and will get you movin’ no matter where you are. The Saskatchewan-based band is currently celebrating the release of their album with a home-province tour taking place over the next couple of weeks.”

“The Steadies define their genre as island rock and their mix of rocksteady and reggae influences with pop music takes listeners to the beach or rumbling on the dance floor. In short, The Steadies aren’t invited to the party, they are the party. Their steady beat is a perfect match for the Okanagan Lake Park venue during the Penticton Peach Festival next week and has landed them two slots at the oldest free family festival in B.C. “It’s why we love B.C. People just get our music here and we are super excited about Peachfest. We hear nothing but good things,” said frontman Earl Pereira. “It is so nice to play at festivals because it is better for making real fans, there really is no comparison.” You may have seen Pereira strumming with the popular Canadian band Wide”

“The Central Bar was bopping, bobbing and stomping (RIP Stompin’ Tom) to a dynamic triple bill brought to you by the sights and sounds of Renee Parr, The Other Colour and headliners The Steadies. I was fortunate enough to have had the opportunity to land my T Bay peeps TOC and Miss Parr on this bill. I enjoyed the diversity of genres that these artists all brought to the table. It was a fun night, and my debut night out on town since my Achilles injury back in early January. While I was sore the next day in more ways than one (physio AND a show was too much in one day for me at this point…hard to believe I used to work 8 hours or more on my feet THEN go to the bar) I was glad my comeback night was spent with so many great people all down for a good time. Touring headliners of the night The Steadies rocked steady with a bombastic vibe that surely helped to melt everyone’s winter blues away (as well as the remaining snow outside.) This is such a positive and happy band, both on and ”

“Fresh off the heels of a concert with reggae legend Ziggy Marley, Saskatoon's reggae-dance-rockers The Steadies are ready to bring their "Island Rock" to The Tofino Legion on Saturday. Frontman Earl Pereira, who was a founding member of multi-JUNO-nominees Canadian blues-rock trio Wide Mouth Mason, proposed to his wife, Kate in Tofino. "We rented a room on McKenzie Beach. I started a fake fight so I could leave to get supplies without her realizing it... I got champagne from the restaurant, set up candles and a blanket on the beach and then I phoned her and said, 'You should come out to the beach' and I popped the question," he recalls. Tofino's his favourite place in Canada, Pereira said. While here he plans to eat sushi, surf, visit Ucluelet and enjoy life, he said. "Any chance I get to spend any amount of time at all there I'll take it and the fact that we're going to be able to play a Legion show is awesome, man!" The Steadies are danceable, reggae influenced, with elements of f”

“May 16, 2013 - Season: 2012-13 Sunshine’s sixth and final act of the 2013 Spring Concert Series set to perform May 18th- 20th With their debut album set to be released later this year, Saskatoon-based The Steadies are thrilled to be the final band performing in the 2013 Spring Concert Series at Sunshine Village. No strangers to the Bow Valley, they can’t wait it bring their “island rock” beats and high energy to the best year end bash in the Rockies. Who makes up the band? Earl Piere, formerly of Wide Mouth Mason is the lead vocalist and bass player, Justin Lee plays the guitar and Jason Hattie is on the drums. Earl and Justin hail from Saskatoon, Saskatchewan and Jason Hattie is originally from Trinidad. What kind of music do The Steadies play? We like to call our music “island rock.” This type of music is a hybrid of sounds. It takes the laid back vibe of reggae and the high energy of modern day rock ‘n roll and mixes it all together. It’s the perfect music to ”

“If being in a rock band is like a marriage, it follows that a band break-up is the ugly divorce. Who gets the money? Who gets custody of the kids? How did our love come to this? It can be just as painful as any relationship gone awry. “Having to leave Wide Mouth Mason was pretty devastating – I felt like part of me was taken away,” says Earl Pereira, singer-bassist for the Steadies, his new full-time Saskatoon power trio. They play the Pawn Shop Friday night. It’s been two years since he left WMM, with Big Sugar’s Gordie Johnson filling in on bass, and Pereira says he still has trouble talking about it. He’d run into mutual friends and “it wasn’t a happy hello. They’d say, ‘you don’t have to talk about it if you don’t want to.’” He can’t even bring himself to see the old band. Last time through town opening for Big Sugar, there was something amiss with Wide Mouth Mason. Without Pereira, the band – especially singer-guitarist Shaun Verreault – seemed”

“The Steadies have played with The Roots, The Wailers and K-OS, while band members have accumulated three Juno, eight Western Canadian Music, and two Canadian Radio awards. Peace River has seen drummer, Jason Hattie, when he played with Mobadass and Wide Mouth Mason. The frontman, bass player Earl Pereira, was a founding member of Wide Mouth Mason and co-writer of their entire award winning catalogue. Pereira has toured the world opening for iconic artists the Rolling Stones and AC/DC. We know this band will rock!”

“While the name may be new, band members of The Steadies are familiar faces in the Bow Valley. Earl Pereira, in the early 1990s, was the bass player and a founding member of the popular blues-rock band Wide Mouth Mason. Then in 2005, at the height of WMM success, he started a side project, Mobadass, with more of a reggae and rocksteady-influenced sound. In 2011, Pereira departed WMM to make his side project his main gig, and in the process changed the name to The Steadies. Starting tonight (March 28) the Saskatoon-based rock pop band The Steadies play five shows in the Valley, first March 28-30 at the Rose & Crown in Banff, followed by the Drake in Canmore, April 5-6. “These shows, the Rose & Crown and Drake, were the first places that gave my new band a chance, and I feel I’ll always come back and play for them because of that,” said Pereira. “They treated us really well, even when I was still with Wide Mouth and this was just a side project for me, and I really appreciated”