“” The Standstills are one of the hardest working, up and comers I’ve seen in a long time. They have the ability to generate hype and deliver with their live shows. I love seeing two piece bands that rock this hard!!””

““When I saw The Standstills for the first time, I knew instantly that I was witnessing a band on the verge of stardom. Every time I play them on 89X, I get calls and emails inquiring about them.””

““They blew us all away. We’re still talking about them! You know you’re onto something when a band leaves such a lasting impression you’re still talking about them a week later, radio station promotion or not. If word-of-mouth still counts, well, here’s an earful…It’s not too often that when a band plays that everything in the club seems to come to a stop but that was the case…They are cool, sexy & explosive in concert…and definitely worth checking out.””

““This album is huge, Crazy Horse-memorial huge. Orchestral huge, bigger than two anyway…This is the stuff rock ‘n’ roll is made of “”

(Album Review): DurahmRegion.com, Will McGuirk- Blog

““They’ve got these riff heavy hooks, but totally rock the same kind of gnarl and intensity some of the 90’s industrial and metal bands did.””

Alan Cross- Blog

““She is the best female drummer at CMW and probably in all of Canada. That makes Renee the Neil Peart of Canadian female drumming.””

Canadian Music Fest (Concert Review): El Mocambo- T-Mak World- Blog

““Playing surprisingly full sounding music from just two instruments was impressive and given their time-slot which was early in the day, they played to the 50 or so people who had gathered around as if it were 50,000. “”

S.C.E.N.E Fest (Concert Review): 705 Video magazine- Blog

““The chemistry between the two also lends further cohesion to their sound, allowing them to create the illusion of a standard four-piece band on their own."”

Canadian Music Fest (Concert Review): The Painted Lady- Open Til Midnight- Blog

““Together they make a sound that defies the convention of a two-piece, with a huge, full sound that doesn’t leave you asking where the bass is.””

Windsorite (Windsor Newspaper) Lauren Hedges