the Stage Frights / Press

" the Stage Frights have been drawing nice crowds and receiving a good deal of attention"

“Rainwater busted out some truly incredible guitar solos in most every song. A bassist by training, he only picked up the guitar a year ago and has already mastered the lost art of the rocking goth shred. The result is the best rock-based goth act since the Cult.”

“8. The Stage Frights, "She Creeps Me Out": The latest spin-off of Ex-Voto is minus the angelic voice of Spleen or the resounding baritone of Larry Rainwater, but Jonny Splat is slowly coming into his own as a consummate frontman. The band is still growing into whatever it will be, but the potential we see is undeniable.”

“Rock is the real key here. Stage Frights aren't aiming for some desperate attempt to recreate a misremembered defining sub-branch of early goth. Instead, they have gone far back into the realm of Iggy Pop and Alice Cooper”

“Taking the headlining spot on the music side of the evening is the latest project by Larry and Spleen Rainwater, a horror rock outfit called the Stage Frights. We were very excited about the project when we first heard about it, particularly when we were told that they'd be working with a whole new set of musicians than with Ex-Voto or Ardour of Angels.”

“they do bring a new kind of frenetic energy and downright dirtiness to their performance.”