The Spiral Electric / Press

“The music of The Spiral Electric leads us into a dreamlike delirium that pampers you and caresses, a dreamlike delirium showing a universe full of twinkling lights.”

"Heavy with a psych sound but also infused with rocking guitars and clear vocals"

“The Spiral Electric are one of those bands where their name really fits them well! The music is pure rocking psych, and they also seem to have a really interesting shoe-gazer alternative twist in certain songs, which works so well! Anyone digging true psychedelia needs to buy this CD! We had fun listening to "Upon Your Shore", "So Far Gone", Take The Drop", Never Forget" & "Envy". Whatever formula these guys are using in creating this sound, we encourage them to keep it going!”

"Where am I ? – is it over jet? – eight miles high ? – so far gone ? – sorry, back to reality now – I just came back from an exciting journey around Spiral Electric land – their firstborn shows what this Bay Area outfit is all about: orchestrating a brightly colored, psychedelic cruise, using long-drawn, moody melodies, accompanied by misty, echoing harmonies that grow softly on you – trippy drums, sitar vibes, 60s organs and wah-wah guitars in the sky with diamonds – the psychedelic scene is quite big in San Francisco, to stand out and be noticed is not always an easy ride unless you deliver the sonic goods which this electrifying four piece does with magnificent instrumental compositions produced with a mind-blowing flair and an inventive 60s sensibility – relax, put your headphones on, lights out, volume up and start the soundtrack of your spiritual cruise – have a save trip across the universe.…"

“If you’re spinning your wheels looking for an indie rock band to shock your senses, then check out the Spiral Electric. They have a psychedelic groove that pays homage to their rock influences.”

"Want a major fix of psychedelic rock? Look no further than the Spiral Electric, who takes major inspiration from the best of the dark flower power rock and rollers. With perfectly sung vocals, catchy breakdowns, and a classic take on psych rock, this band is super appealing both live and with a joint in hand and a good pair of headphones on. Live, the intensity and technicality of the band cannot be overlooked as they deliver elaborate melodies, speculative lyrics, and smartly composed and well-executed psych tunes... The band pays homage (and does it very well) to the psych history of their hometown, San Francisco. Spin out on their groovy rhythms -- I'm pretty sure there will be at least one neo-hippie getting his or her groove on right in front of the stage -- and just go with the flow."

"Spiral Electric ... a much more classic rock sound ... featuring Led Zeppelin-reminiscent guitar riffs, and an overall harder sound. Their song, 'Slow Burn' is a long instrumental that will get you feeling epic and pumped."

“San Francisco's The Spiral Electric is a psych-rock group with an acid-drenched sound that creeps and crawls into the recesses of your mind where it stays with you, kinda like those fuzzy college memories of when shit got weird. Much like the band's predecessor, The Brian Jonestown Massacre, The Spiral Electric's songs are hypnotic and build into a crescendo of sound. Lead vocalist Clay Andrews lends the band a distinct sound with his strong, clear voice and impressive range, anchored by synths, electric guitar riffs, and steady drumming.”

"The Spiral Electric‘s sound can be captivatingly dramatic; each piece is colorful in a black-light acid-trip sort of way, and reveals new and interesting moments with each and every listen. Their songs creep in and out of the faintest trickles of sound, leading your mind into a sort of kaleidoscopic rabbit hole. One feels the climax(es) approach from several measures down the road over large instrumental sections; inevitable, yet lurking, each hurdle more hypnotic than the last, as spacey synth sounds, electric guitars, and hauntingly distant vocals lure the listener into new, far-out worlds. There is a retro jam-band, Verve-era indie flavor to The Spiral Electric. Their songs sound best live, like mini-acid trips at an incredible outdoor concert in the heat of summer, each track a complete introspective experience in their own right."