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“'The Spider Ferns are a duo that aim to hypnotize. Made up largely of just electric guitar and bass, with no drums, there is very little to prevent you from getting lulled into their bubbling tones. Without percussion, the sounds tend to just wash over you, lively though they may sometimes get. Kelly and Alton Fleek (bass and guitar, respectively) both take time on the microphone, but Kelly's lead vocal is always present. Enveloped in echo, Kelly's voice takes the listener on quasi-psychedelic excursions that sound less influenced by LSD than by downers. It's easy to imagine lighting a cigarette, turning on the Spider Ferns and melting into a comfy chair for long periods of time. Still, a sense of unease permeates the Spider Ferns, even amidst the narcotic ambiance.”

-Adam Mckinney The Tacoma Volcano

“Your voice and music, your delivery, engage and bestill the listener to do just that... listen. Haunting authority and ambience, yet never afraid to have a little fun. Best wishes, from a happily haunted Exile. ;)”

Exile Pots

“I just love the haunting loneliness of your music! Really nice.”


“The Happiest Sound is The Happiest Sound! Great guitar. Great vocals. Love every song here.”

SpEnt fiXer

“well... started off browsing...and just STAYED here instead... FANTASTIC composition and vocals are GREAT!!!!”

Anytime After Four

“This Magical Musical Ride Gets Better With Every Listen..The Spider Ferns Are The Best Thing Going Today..”


“A pillow made of ethereal threads!”


“Two Amazing People Creating One Beautiful Sound..Love..Your Biggest Fan..”


“It's about time my organic thoughts have color brought back into them. Thank you Spider Ferns.”


“OH YEAH!! Back for some of this KILLER music tonight!! Glad I found this page - you will be too when you click PLAY ALL!! ”

Seven Days

“I came back to hear more! Excellent music coming from this page!”


“Moods captured and sonically suspended...in the music of the Spider Ferns!”

Bingham Willoughby

“Wow, so much style!!!”

Multiversal Radio

“i love these creative musical webs spun by the spider ferns ~ big lunarluv!”


“So laid back and dream like. I am totally chilled out and loving the influence. Thank you for being on reverbnation.”


“Enjoying your superb music!”

Anchorage Alaska

“I love your music. There is something truly unique and captivating in the way the vocals and instrumentation come together. :) ”

The Mad Pride

“Edison ... A psychedelic space trip. Even hear Jefferson Airplane in your songs. Wunderbar! ~ kappi”


“Love the atmosphere in Ghost Cowboy, Great mix of sounds and style. Can't wait to hear more”

The Natural Way of Farming

“Stopping By To Say Thank You For Your Amazing Music..Listening To "Edison" & Getting Totally Lost In Its Amazing Vibe..”


“Back for Winter Sun. Wonderful tune with a lovely melody and great singing. Love the cool guitar atmospherics. Frank Smith”

Sills & Smith

“Very cool material! Great vocals. I love the feel and mood of these tracks. A fan now :) Mountains breed creativity for sure.”

Amber Room Project

“Under the stars Tonight...awesome mood,vocal,melody and arrangement..with soul within.”

Vincent Pablo

“you ferns are growing on me ~ big fat positive vibes!”


“just love this music..beautiful big spacious, verby sound, gorgeous vocal work and fascinating, shimmering arrangements..got such a deep, hypnotic style to it..like the first "The Xx" album. Wicked mood for "my direction"..can't wait to hear more of your ideas! ”


"my direction" is a great track with an amazing feel! love your voice to..

MBA ( Met By Accident )

“I Love Everything About Your Music.."Biggest Day" Wow..I Wish That I Was In The Room When That Was Recorded..Thank You For The Goose Bumps..Much Respect.. ”


“Brilliant. We recommend 'Play All'. ”

Xenophanes Productions

“My Direction is fantastic. Stunning vocals and bass playing! The guitar in The Happiest Sound is great too. I look forward to listening to more of your music. :) ”

The Mad Pride

“Lovely, haunting sound... ”

Pia Dean - Songwriter


Pat Branch...Bass Player/Songwriter

“Beautiful, atmospheric songs with great texture. Kelly has an AMAZING voice! Love it!”

Joe Yello Band

“THE PRESSURE is awesome! Great music..I've become fan!”


“Today I Sit Indian Style & Soak In All Of The Amazingness That Is The Spider Ferns..Much Love & Much Respect.. ”


“Yes, The Spider Ferns are fantastically talented, inspired, creative souls!”


“..unique inviting vocals and a little grungy feel ~ original! ”


“The Spider Ferns make The Happiest Sound. Diggin' it folks. Frank Smith ”

Sills & Smith

“..that must be some cool mountain! ”

the johnnie squizzercrow experiment

“GooseBumps !!!”


“..althoughi'm sitting in rainy germany, your music make me feel as if a were in your "converted barn at the base of a small mountain". great voice, like a fusion of portishead and björk. your music is deep as an ocean inspite of its minimalistic approach (not meant negativ^^). keep up the good work! t.w. ”

Tinkering Words