The Space Sharks / Press

“The blistering power-trio rock sounds of The Space Sharks is a surprisingly fresh mix of Classic Rock and 60′s garage psychedelia with just a tad of tripped out guitary Spacerock in the mix. On the info promo-sheet the band says they recorded all the songs on first or second take, so not to over work or over produce their sound. It works! The sound is fresh, loud, blistering sunshine acid melody with swirling psychedelic guitars and occasional flute. This self titled, self released, debut CD has 9 songs, the short album clocking in at just about 33 minutes. It is very energetic and melodic sounding, bursting with spontaneity, this is some feelgood summer music I really enjoyed on the very first spin. It’s accessible like Classic Rock and 60′s garage sounds, with some Floydian spacey moments, with acid guitars and phased vocals. The highlight tracks for me are Run For Cover, as well as Satellites, Apocalypse and Spinning ‘Round. A highly recommended purchase.”

“That was 'Run For Cover'--a great, rousing way to get things started here on Rough Edge Radio. Great stuff from The Space Sharks!”

“The Space Sharks bring smooth, jam rock with indie flair and psychedelia woven into the fabric of their music. Throw in some acoustic and techno blends (yes, if that is done well, as it is here, it turns out pretty damn cool) and you've got yourself a decent album in this reviewer's book. Top all of the above off with well oiled instrumental precision and finely tuned, versatile vocals that switch between jam rock songs and the slower introspective, emotional songs and that's just cake. Lyrically, the whole album well written and enjoyable regardless of any given song's subject matter. Pacing of the album, even with the mash up of styles in playing and lyrical content, is perfectly matched to all contained within. By no means a concept album, the self titled offering from the Maryland quartet flows as though it could be; songs flowing into each other (in a good way) without being connected is a feat to be envied in music right now. ”

“The Space Sharks recently released their debut CD. It rocks hard and it rocks with precision. All nine tracks are killer. The Space Sharks function as a trio with a backing singer for good measure. Guitar, bass, and drums are constantly on a speedy forward momentum. Fans of driving guitar rock will definitely dig this disc. Offering diverse hard rock idioms, the disc often feels like a breath of fresh air with lots of nice touches marking the soundscapes. “Run For Cover” opens the disk with Lonnie Richards’s piercing guitar stabbing into the listener’s consciousness with a fevered pitch. His frenetic, wild phrase suddenly turns into a wider sound, even sharper, clearer, cleaner. Bass player Bob Bergeron keeps it chugging along with locomotive force while drummer Mike Martino pounds those skins like he means business. The Space Sharks have made an impressive debut with this CD. It will be interesting to see where their musical journey takes them in the years to come. ”

“The Space Sharks bring the big, loud guitars on this updated take on psychedelic-tinged classic rock. They’re not reinventing the wheel, but by no means are they pretending to. The band is technically quite proficient with Lonnie Richard’s guitar playing, flashy without being ostentatious, and Mike Martino’s dexterous fills providing most of the highlights. The production is excellent throughout, giving the record that live feel that is so often hard to create in a studio environment. Overall, the Space Sharks have put out a lively, enjoyable record. The emphasis on skill over preciousness will provide a welcome respite to those turned off by the overly mannered style of much of what is currently considered hip. (Kevin Finn) ”