The South Carolina Broadcasters / Press

"I'd like to think that if AP Carter had had more time to think about it and work things out, the Carter Family would have been singing like the Broadcasters."

Tim O'Brien

“The Broadcasters tour constantly through the Southeast. And with each release, they become tighter, somehow closer to reaching the heart of the music they obviously love. The harmonies are crisp. The playing is tight. The music is raw and raucous, heartfelt and beautiful. They are the South Carolina Broadcasters, and they are what is great about old time music.”

“The South Carolina Broadcasters are about as perfect an old-time trio as you’ll ever hear. And “Short Time to Stay Here” is a brilliant recording, with instruments providing luxuriant atmospheres for the trio’s riveting lead and harmony singing. ”

“The Broadcasters bridge their cross-generational gaps by course of talent – shared, divided, rehashed and revised – impelling some sort of experiential collision: through aching and dismay, transcendence and hope, noise and silence, body and soul, their interpretations seem to suggest that we are together, all of us, Southern children going forward at top volume. ”

“Clear, powerful playing. Great singing. Respect for the past, all the while setting the bar high for musicians of the future. Strong music.”

Joe Newberry

“...harmonies are so tight, you remind me of acts like Jim and Jesse with a genetically driven harmony.”

Bill Revill - "Acoustic Blender" WESU FM Middletown, CT

“...those who appreciate old-time mountain music will fall in love with the rich texture of the Broadcaster's guitar/banjo/fiddle instrumentation and their warm and aching harmonies.”

“.... that unique sound of old-time, yet it sounds fresh.”

Tim Frye - WPAQ 740 AM

“(The South Carolina Broadcasters) stand out from a lot of the contemporary old-time bands with their straighforward and unaffected style. It's makes for a powerful sound. And what a blessed relief from singer-songwriter hell.”

Bill Martin - Bubbaguitar.com

“The Ramones of Bluegrass”

Jim Voigt "The Critic" - 105.5FM The Wave

“Recently when asked if there were any bands today that still play with the passion and feeling of the past pioneers of acoustic music my answer was, yes, The South Carolina Broadcasters.”

Johnny Williams - Grass Tank Music

"...—a joyful celebration of traditional Appalachian music, bluegrass, and old-time styles — have a gem on their hands" with their debut album, "A Thousand Miles Away From Home."

“2010 Old-Time Group of the Year”

South Carolina Old-Time Music Association

“Best music I've heard in a long time.”