The Soundtrack of Our Lives / Press

"...It may sound nauseatingly bloated, but it actually breezes along with singalong choruses, flashing guitars and hooky melodies. It’s like discovering some lost collaboration between ‘Lifehouse’-era Pete Townshend and ‘III’>-era Led Zep..."[8/10]


"…94 filler-free minutes, stuffed with late-'60s guitar romps ranging from slow-burn psychedelia to up-tempo struts…[4 out of 5 Stars]."


"Communion is easily the most consistent yet visionary and expansive recording Soundtrack have released yet, and proves beyond the shadow of a doubt, they are, even without mass acceptance, an impressively grand rock band. [4½ out of 5 Stars]."

All Music Guide

"[T]he album is laden with catchy tunes that bring to mind classic artists like the Beatles and the Kinks… addictive pop songs and haunting ballads."

Performing Songwriter

"A resounding return to greatness, Communion is a TSOOL album for the ages."

The Big Takeover