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Sound of the Sirens / Press

““Faith in Fire”, is an original song ‘hewn’ from the souls of its creators - Sound of the Sirens. The finished work is one hell of a piece and attempts to listen to it should not be undertaken unless sitting down. Folk-Rock can often be disingenuous, sung by sandal-shod chatterers about hard times they, themselves have never had. This is not the case here. The sincerity and intensity of feeling displayed during this recording should carry a psychological health warning. At times the lyrics and the passion behind them, become quite disturbing to the point where you imagine you’re becoming entangled in an affair that would be better dealt with in private. The song starts to unravel an intriguing tale from the first line. The brilliant poetry of the lyrics makes understanding the details irrelevant, all you need do is bathe in the their rhythm and let the music convey the sentiment of the story. The song starts sad, slow and under control but quickly the tempo rises to a con”

“Exeter-based all-girl outfit Sound Of The Sirens originally appeared on the scene, as a trio, in 2009; according to their website, it was ostensibly conceived out of a desire to “create music to restore the credibility of female artists that have been destroyed by the relentless bombardment of TV “talent” shows”. Soon afterwards they released an EP (It’s Me, I’m Here) that by all accounts lived up to both the aforementioned credo and the disc’s title as a proud and confident calling-card announcing their arrival on the scene as an individual and highly credible act. Content of the actual songs aside, Sound Of The Sirens possess a distinctive sound, the girls’ special trademark being their acute closeness and a telling binding-together of harmony and rhythm elements in the vocal lines which entirely matches their spiky, savvy, truthful lyrics.”

“When I was about 12, my big sister went off to University and left me with a tape that featured two albums by US female duo, Indigo Girls. For over twenty years I've been waiting to hear another band come up with comparable harmonies and lyrical style so I'm relieved to finally say I have found the next great pretenders to this throne; Sound Of The Sirens. The Exeter duo released this album at Christmas time, oddly, but I am only now just getting my ears on it in order to share with you lucky people. What I love most about Sound Of The Sirens is that here we have two musicians who have found their harmonious soul mate and it doesn't matter what they do, they will always make great sounding music together. The real icing on the cake is that they can write great songs too.”

““It’s Me, I’m Here” EP Beautifully written and excellently executed, this mainly acoustic band really are a little bit special indeed. This three-piece band deliver an extremely professional sounding EP and fans of well played acoustic music will totally be in their element. The vocal harmonies are awesome and the songwriting ability of the all female threesome is second to none. Sound of the Sirens describe themselves as “Three girls, two guitars and a stompbox’ which tells you exactly their style, we describe them as an absolutely awesome and talented trio of ladies that deliver well written, catchy and totally awesome songs. For a taster of the band check out their track ‘The Night Before’ on this issue’s covermount CD, we guarantee you wont be disappointed. Sound of the Sirens will appeal to a lot of people, their style is extremely addictive and boy can they play and sing. These girls definitely have talent in abundance and are surely destined for a very bright f”

“ ..the EP It's Me, I'm Here seeks to sing their arrival from the rooftops...And by way of introduction its a practically perfect package...Faith In Fire kicks off in finest folk tradition with delicately plucked guitar. Starting like a subtle solo composition, it gently swells with the sound of encroaching instruments and voices....an enchanting opener. Second track The Ghost Of Mr Wilson is ethereal yet charming, while Anything Less is a sparse number dominated by the masterfully measured supporting vocals...Sound Of The Sirens save the best for last, swapping their similarities to Laura Marling for a template more akin to KT Tunstall...The Night Before is arguably the pinnacle of this brief collection - a stomping strum-a-long that showcases the band's heart-warming harmonies to the full..Who We Are injects even more tempo, propelled by the rumbling guitar chords of the chorus...In the space of 5 tracks It's Me, I'm Here delivers all you could ask of a teaser EP. ”

“GREEK mythology's Odysseus blocked his sailors' ears with wax to stop them being lured to an untimely death by the sweet song of the sirens. 3,000 years later in booze Britain it is far simpler to distract people from enchanting music – give them a drink. As talented trio Sound of the Sirens take the stage at S7ven, many of the night's revellers remain focused on guzzling drink. Those who are prepared to prize themselves away from the bustling bar and beer to take to the dance floor are richly rewarded. The group feature 2 guitars, 1 stomp box and 3 sets of versatile vocals. 3 part harmonies are a highlight of their songs, deployed to stunning effect throughout the set. Their music may be heavily influenced by folk, but their vocal interplay takes its cue from the soul stylings of Destiny's Child and En Vogue. It is wonderfully refreshing to see 3 independent women who want to trade on more than their beauty. Here's hoping gig goers and the record buying public don't simply sail on b”

“Sound of the Sirens take 2 acoustic guitars, 3 female vocalists and a stomp box and combine them to create a skin tingling effect. They have an organic sound, the harmonious vocals fitting together in a way which is unforced and natural. With so little upon which to build their sound, it would be easy for their set to become repetitive, but their imaginative use of tune and rhythm prevent this. Interspersing their own songs, they take on Adele and Florence covers and make the songs very much their own. Even Mumford and Sons, who would be easy to cover straight, are given their own twist. However, it is their choice to cover Labrinth’s ‘Earthquake’ which really shows their musical imagination. Each member of the band is a clear talent in their own right, but it is the combination of the three which creates the real magic, magnifying their individual strengths. Moreover, the performance is charismatic and ego free, the members clearly loving what they do. A pure pleasure to watch.”

“Described as being formed out of a desire to "create music to restore the credibility of female artists that have been destroyed by the relentless bombardment of TV 'talent' shows, the Exeter based all-girl trio, 'It's Me, I'm Here" is one of those EPs that make you think twice, the talent being obviously displayed in a flurry of a mere five tracks from influences ranging from Mumford and Sons on the opening track 'Faith in Fire' and the Noah and the Whale folk style leaping out on the epic folk track on "The Ghost of Mr Wilson" and "Anything Less". But don't think that just because of the artists they draw inspiration from, the girls - Abbe, Hannah and Lisa provide some of the most amazing vocal harmonies I have ever heard, and quite possibly ever will hear. The stand out track for me has to be the driving force of "The Night Before". And so, to summarize:- 3 girls 2 guitars 1 stomp box And an amazing recording from three extraordinary talented girls.”

“Their music contains elements of folk, country and soul, and should please fans of KT Tunstall, Stealing Sheep and nu-folk artists like Laura Marling and Mumford & Sons. Emotional without being mawkish, SOund of the Sirens evoke introspective walks in the countryside and romantic riverside dreams, and as great as their individual voices are, when they harmonise you may well feel a chill up your spine. As comfortable with well-chosen covers like Elbow's "One Day Like This" as they are with their own compositions, they are already developing a reputation as an excellent live act, so keep an eye out!”

“Every once in awhile one comes across music that is out of the ordinary...something pure and surprising. This is one of those times. Your songwriting, musicianship, and soul gushes forth like a clean river of imagination and the listener benefits greatly. I'm a fan from the first note to the last”

Richard D Guttenberg - Revebnation comment

“Hey, Sirens, your set at MissQ's this evening was one of the most enjoyable experiences I've had in London for some time! ”

Panama Dave - Myspace

“Acoustic folk rock material, performed by three female voices in close harmony and two guitars. There’s something of the eighties about this, with echoes of that decade’s take on folk rock, and a hint of Annie Lennox in the melodies and the delivery. The songs are involving, with swooping, soulful melodies, and the performances are impeccable, with lovely, husky voices that are perfectly matched to one another, and simple but rhythmically exact guitar strumming. ”

“This week our little night at Blok called ‘Bands at Blok’ saw Coventry favourites the Fallows headline with the Sound of the Sirens supporting. These three young ladies produced some amazingly catchy and soulful acoustic tunes for our pleasure. We were so impressed we immediately surfed the internet waves for them and found the following video of them doing their thing. We have also added their MySpace link which shows all the gigs they have lined up. Think of KT Tunstall mixed with the WAGS of Mumford and Sons and you’ll be well on your way… Perfect start to the week… Don’t forget the fruit tea! ”

“The Night Before - Here's a hugely catchy original song that, if it was played on your favourite radio station, would make you stop in your tracks and wonder: who is this? Why do they sound fresh and interesting? Is this in the charts? Where can I go and see them live?”

Mac - www.lemonrock.com

“The Sound of the Sirens took the Christmas number one spot in Radio Free South West’s people’s chart. They recently covered Do They Know It’s Christmas during an Exeter FM session and you can hear this by visiting their MySpace page. The Sirens already have a very busy live schedule for 2010”