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“ReverbNation The Soul of Jacquescoley, The ReverbNation A&R team connects promising artists with executives at record labels, brands, TV and movie producers, and video game creators. Your song "Boom Fayah (Feat. Army of Jah)" caught the attention of our team and we are currently revieweing it for commercial application. If we identify appropriate vehicles for your music, we will contact you at dr.jacquescoley@gmail.com. This process generally takes several weeks. We have protected your songs from changes during this time. Many thanks for being a part of the ReverbNation community!”

Reverbnation A&R - Reverbnation A&R

“When A Black Man Rides A Horse: Swirling start to the song that then becomes more menacing with a real darrk driven vocal and drum effect. Quite gothic in feel and uses some overdriven guitars to good effect. This could be used as a backing sound effect. Strange though”

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“Soul of Jacquescoley's "Firefly" on Grammy Amplifier.”

“We submitted for 10th Annual Boulder Film Festival in Boulder, CO.”

“Francais en Russe: The mixed up beat at the start of the song is very alluring to me. It's very eerie and dark sounding. I like that a lot because it keeps me curious for what's to come from the tune. Some people may find it creepy sounding and thus will not be attracted to this song; others will like it for that very reason. The lyrics are kind of telling the listeners a story. It's almost like spoken word, the genre. The artists don't sing really, it's more so talking. Some of it in a different language. The songs duration is short in length, in my opinion. The tune is an experience in itself. It's very different than most music you hear on the radio these days. I like that aspect, though. It's very unique.”

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“Nobody can do big things in as many genres as you, Dr. J. Your diversity is off the charts. Your generosity and compassion for indie music is, as well. Much love & respect”

Prof. Jay Venom - Reverbnation

“you are a musical genius”

Poshen - Reverbnation

“People listen! Go see the king - very cool track! Keep up the good work! Regards from Munich/Bavaria”

“the introduction sounds very atmospheric. like something interesting is about to happen. The build up with the symbol is interesting. however saying the same word over again is very repetitive. the beat sounds fairly repetitive. I'm not sure you could use the atmospheric build up again and progress the tune further.””

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“Fire Wolf, being a Scot I just have to say brilliant! Awe the best fae Bonnie Scotland, Roy.”

Roy R.M. McIntosh - Reverbnation

“We've reviewed your music and were impressed. You are hereby invited to enter The Akademia Music Awards at www.TheAkademia.com Good luck!”

“When A Black Man Rides A Horse: intro is different from what I normally hear as it starts with what sounds like a recording and then breaks it down to the actual song, so its breaking down instead of building up, great change for my ears! some differcult rhythms used in the drum parts but the off beats work well and the drummer manages to cope with the differculty. the guitar riff is strong.. if only the vocals were this strong too! sounds like the 'singer' is talking slightly and I don't really like this, not sure whether it was fully intended but I could have perferred a vocalist :) the effects used in the guitar from 1:55 oh I LOVE EMMMMM”

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“As much as I love world music (in particular, involving bagpipes owing to my Scottish heritage) I really was scared that this was some sort of strange Scottish Barry White rip off. I thought it was going to get better as it went in, but was let down tremendously by the use of electronic percussion which really did it no favours. A mix of world music soon became little more than electronica and pretentious use of what are normally very poignant sounding instruments. Promised much but delivered very little.”

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“The story board for "Fire Wolf (World Drums Version)" video is being created in Ireland.”

EJ Music France - EJ Music France

“The Soul of Jacquescoley, This is not a letter of acceptance or rejection. It is with GREAT regret that we must announce that this year's 2013 'Edg3 Fest' will be cancelled. The decision comes after failed negotiations with the Kenyon Agricultural Society that manage the site of the Maxville Fairgrounds. It is an unfortunate situation given that the event had proverbially 'found a home' in Maxville and was ready to grow. We sincerely hope that we can resolve these issues for next year as our team has not given up on this project. It has been exponentially beneficial to all that participate. We also hope that you will not hold it against us (the organizing committee). Salut Alain The Edg3 Festival”

Alain, The Edge Festival - The Edge Festival

“Hey!! Playing I AM CAESAR right now. Great track. Your NY fan, ZERENA :)”

Zerena - Reverbnation

“When A Black Man Rides A Horse: the starting off beatt is pretty good, sounds like it will be a good song, the beat gets good goes into a mean vibe,the guys voice is really deep, thats cool i suppose, the echo effect is cool. id be better with something else though, the instruments are awesome, the bass is ok, and the guy has good lyrics very good lyrics, good song overall”

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“The first minute of the song is realy not attractive and lets just say I hope it is deliberate. After two minutes of song I have heard a guy talking, saying "fire wolf" most of the times a military melody and some drums. Yet nothing attractive. Not sure most common listeners (not on slicethepie) will listen to more than a minute of this song. The beat is repeated over and over, lead "singer" has nothing else to say than "fire wolf" and realy most of the song just could not find its path to my heart. Realy in what style do you classify this kind of "song". There's only two instruments and one of them is something nobody wants to hear the other is a repetive drums and the rest of the song got no lyrics, no arrangements no nothing. This just should not be recorded at all, honestly I don't know anybody who would pay to hear stuff like this. 0/10”

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“We are scouting locales for our video "Black People, Stop Eating That Fried Chicken" for 2014.”

EJ Music USA - EJ Music USA

“A very deep, dark kind of song. Meditative kind of vibe. The effects on the voice are pretty cool. The lyrics are simple yet complex, they really make you just zone out consciously. This is overall a decent song, I give it a 7 out of 10.”

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“I love the sound of the lead singers voice. It sounds very deep and dark. I love how he talks though out half of the song. The song reminds me of rememberance day with the pipes sounds. The beats to the drums sound like gun shots. I find this song very creative.”

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“The Soul of Jacquescoley, Cen Cal Magazine would like to thank you for your interest in being covered in our March/April issue. After reviewing all the acts, we had to make some tough choices and unfortunately you were not chosen for this particular issue. Cen Cal puts out an issue every couple of months so just because we could not find a place for you in this issue, please consider submitting to our next issue when the opportunity gets posted. Sincerely, Cen Cal Magazine”

Cen Cal Magazine - Cen Cal Magazine

“I really love the beautiful and powerful journey through your amazing musical painting of sound colors and arrangement on the outstanding "Fire Wolf" Eugene!!”

John Rivette - Reverbnation

“Des chansons comme on les aimes: Emotions pour entre les oreilles! JC”

“Your music is outstanding, Great music, I am carried away. Much Blessings”

Albertine - Reverbnation

“This song has a catchy and persuasve intro duction and also has a good tempo which appeals to the audience. The dynamics are also hooking and the chorus is memorable. The lyrics also have meaning which is good. Overall this is a good song and is very intresting. To improve just add vocals.”

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“you have great music and we all miss your cuz heart felt feelings we lost a great man and legend”

John McCane - Reverbnation

“Out Howlin' with the Fire Wolf today!! AWESOME TUNES!!”

Seven Days - Reverbnation

“Francais en Russe: “The artist is hiding behind his technology not much message or plot to the lyrics...soothing sound i will listen to almost anything once this i might twice and then move on....as far as a hit ???....it was ok in my book.”

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“This has the potential to be a great soundtrack song. It was a little too much when the electro beat and drum beats came in together near 1:30 of the song, maybe choose one or the other. It distracted me from what was being said..”

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“This song had some great themes to it, such as its dramatic build up in the introduction. I liked theb scottish sound to it, due to the bagpipes. They sounded really unique and related well withb the speech element, which really told a story. The melody was good but i would have liked a stronger bass line or harmony. A very action packed sound, loved the drum beat, really up tempo and fast, good.”

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“Bag pipes play in the background with a creepy voice in the intro. Bag pipes continue but sound disorientated. You are hooked as it is a strange combination to hear. Voice is unclear of what is being said. Bag pipes solo is a bit on going and could have done with the slow back beat of drums sooner. This track reminds me of the terminator with the what sounds like shooting effects that is played. Sounds suited to a video shooting game. Very strange if it was to be a song as the voice is creepy. Sounds a bit disturbing. I would imagine this sounding great with games or a horror backing sound.”

Soundout - Crowd Review

“I don't like the introduction at all. If the vocals were removed it would be much more enjoyable. I do after all like the bagpipes. I don't even think I would call this a song. It is more like the reading of a poem against some blended noises. The percussion was erratic. I do not recommend this piece.”

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“Loving that Bagpipes on 'Fire Wolf', very creative & unique work here on all your Hip Hop tracks. Best regards to you - TPK”

“An intro from a Ridley Scott movie is played over bagpipes like a Braveheart remix. Its hard to appreciate the spoken word because it sounds like its being spoken by Wolf from Gladiators (TV show not film). Percussion soon arriving meshing itself in with the vocals before machinery noises are adding. The robotic marching noises are bizarre.”

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“The intro intrigues the listener into what they are about to listen to. The computer-generated sounding vocals reciting fire wolf come home makes for a great start. The production of the track is excellent as we are treated to varied samples of Scottish bagpipe sounds as they invariably stop and start to make room for drum patterns. 6/10”

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“Got King "J" on the speakers tonight slammin' some seriously cool grooves!!”

“Love the intro to Pacific Coast...piano is very pretty! Enjoy the classical with modern feel..”

“the King of cool. Mr J. hat tip from chi town buddy. g”

“2 brothers (Dvahyu and Jacquecoley)with one soul message of peace.”

“Very very nice tracks! I love "Pacific Coast Highway"! I used to drive that bad boy every day to work! Reminds me of it! Man, keep those tracks poppin my friend, you're crazy talented!”

“The Soul of Jacquescoley's album "Hip Hop Belongs To Me" arrives in 2013.”

“Coolin' down here this evening with the Coolest! -Rob”