The Sons of Bluegrass / Press

“Lots of talent and good material”

Pete Wernick - Hot Rize

“When I agreed to mentor this band , I wasn't sure what to expect. One of the first songs I heard was a Chris Armstrong original "Pourin Salt" that just knocked me out and stayed in my head for weeks. What I found was an exceptional band chemistry, a wealth of good songwriting, and instrumental chops to back up their well-earned rep. Great guys and great musicians with the ability to take their vision as far as they want. You need to check 'em out, they are the *real deal.* ”

Tim Stafford - Blue Highway

"The Sons of Bluegrass provide listeners with a fresh sound which leans toward the progressive side of bluegrass music, their talent and dedication to the music they love is evident"

"A fresh and modern take on Bluegrass music, not to be missed"

The Erwin Record