The Snails / Press

“At the front of the band is songwriter-guitarist Todd Fausnacht, whose timeless vocals bounce and cavort across tracks that move energetically from one to the next. The swaying breeze of “Liberty Street Lights” glides directly into the swaggering garage rock dance of “Press Play,” into the confrontational anthem of “Basement,” an ode to authenticity and artistic integrity. Rounding out the band are Ben Parry on bass, Tim Hildebrand on guitar, Josh Parry on drums, and Matt MacLeod on organ – they are an incredibly tight unit (these are all first takes you’re hearing) that can walk that precarious balance beam between practiced performances and unhinged spontaneity.”

“Right off the bat, they proved to be a classy bunch with each of the five members sporting some nice suits. Their music impressed me even more than their attire. They had such a diverse sound which ranged anywhere from 50s rockabilly and 70s classic rock to traditional/British wave ska. Not only was the material solid, but they preformed it exceptionally well. Frontman Todd Fausnacht has one of the best voices I’ve heard in a long time. The vocals coming through the mix had this perfect combination of rasp and smoothness to make them seem like they belonged to a female soul singer from half a century ago, and it fit the music so well. The backup vocals were equally solid, with bassist Ben Parry even taking leads on a couple of songs, including a cover of Helter Skelter by The BeatlesThe cover was an excellent choice to showcase his high range and ability to belt out some impressive screams. Their interaction with the audience was minimal, yet at the same time so effective.”

“So you are wondering why all around the ska world people start talking about The Snails as the next hot thing? Just listen to “Songs From The Hydrogen Jukebox” and you know why. Yes, their original retro mix of old Jamaican styles, American Rock’n’Roll and Soul Music puts the band from Philadelphia in the USA near The Slackers. But, while clearly being influenced by the big New Yorker brothers, the Snails are bound to go to places very much their own. There is some strength in the songwriting and production that I haven’t heard for quite some time. And this combined with a certain carelessness, from the laid-back guitar licks to the daring harmonies, makes “Songs From The Hydrogen Jukebox” a pleasure you wouldn’t want to miss, do you? Powered by King Django, out on Asbestos Records and Stubborn Records.”