The Smoking Mirrors / Press

“I bring you one of the best videos ["Satisfied"] I've come across since I've been podcasting... ...To storyboard, film and edit this is impressive enough, to do it at 19 [years old] makes it incredible.”

“Yanoska and bandmate Cory Jones, a Pacific Grove High School senior who shares guitar and singing duties, decided to help by doing what they do best: music. The duo penned “Pull Through,” an uplifting pop-rock tune that has been on sale via iTunes since March 16. All proceeds from the online sales will go to the 17-year-old girl’s hospital expenses. A video of the song features Jones and Yanoska walking down Forest towards P.G. High. So far, the music of The Smoking Mirrors has generated some much-needed positivity under the dark cloud that has hovered over P.G. High these past few weeks. More importantly, the song has roused the spirits of their hospitalized friend and Jones’ classmate. “She heard about the stuff we’ve been recording and saw the video,” Jones says. “She’s really touched.””

“Cory Jones and Michael Yanoska, of Pacific Grove, are part of a band called the, "Smoking Mirrors." They've picked up their guitar to create a song just for their injured friend. They're now selling this song on I-tunes with a hundred percent of the proceeds going to the family. The song is called "Pull Through." "I can't even imagine something like that and I feel so bad for Chelsea and I am so happy and impressed that she has great attitude and good spirits," said Yanoska. One thing Jones said he learned from this accident is how drinking and driving could happen to anyone. "After an event like that, you know, a drunk driving accident, it something gives you wake up call that makes everyone realize the dangers of being out late at night and doing something that dangerous. Something like this can happen and we are not all protected as it can happen to us too," said Jones. They said Chelsea liked the song and they're hoping hundreds of other people will too.”