The Smiling Lies / Press

“I still remember listening to Arctic Monkeys demos and having that giddy feeling that I discovered something really special. Who knows if The Van Goghs will be the next Arctic Monkeys, but that doesn’t matter. What does is that they are a great young talent that deserves your attention. The band hails from York, Pennsylvania and deliver the exciting rock goods. For a young band they sound self assured and confident, which reminded me a lot of some band from Sheffield. Three songs are available at their soundcloud page, and they are enough to validate this band as one to watch. “Let Go Ego” sounds like a rough demo of an Arctic Monkeys track fronted by Miles Kane (already a good thing). “Space Elevator” has a youthful aesthetic that is impossible to ignore. You wouldn’t be wrong to mistake the band for young British rockers after one listen to the catchy little number, “Falling From Bombay”. ”

“You may remember an act called The Van Goghs that I posted a little while back. The York, Pennsylvania band have now changed their name to The Smiling Lies due to a name situation. They still deliver the same rocking tunes, just with a different identity. Earlier this month they released a mini album called Say Yes?, which is available to buy at iTunes. Head to their reverb nation page or youtube page to check out all of their tunes. Find the band on facebook as well. Check out one of my favorite tracks from them, “Space Elevator”:”

“The Smiling Lies are a young group from York, PA that describe themselves as a mixture of “the Arctic Monkeys, Bombay Bicycle Club, Graham Coxon, and a little crack cocaine.” The high-energy vocal drawl and fast-moving punk-rock schematics collide beautifully to make the description sensible. It provides very nice results, especially for a group that looks barely out of high school.”