The Slugpuppies / Press

“Their garage alt rock reflects promising song composition, creative guitar work, and some very infectious melodies. Meyer, the principal singer and songwriter, was able to work diligently on their debut, Emotherapy.The disc ventures more toward modern alt rock with strong melodies and healthy smatterings of progressive and psychedelic rock.On the end side, songs like I Can’t Feel the Rain or To Drown a Dream are milder numbers that rely heavily on vocals and acoustic guitar.On the modern alternative side: Brain Disease or Ineffectual.Better were the songs that followed the more progressive track. Goodwill Towards Man developed a more psychedelic 70’s feel with an ethereal vocal arrangement and uncommon fretwork.The longer Finding Your Way was quite impressive as it measured heavier riffs with sublime moments and impassioned vocals. However, the real star of Emotherapy was the magnificent instrumental, Peck of the Rooster, which displays fine song composition and soaring guitar work”