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“Posted in Videos:Taken from Kansas 6-piece The Slowdown’s debut album, A, set for release on December 11th. ”

“Their sound can be described as alternative and experimental indie rock which cleverly combines sounds from the past and future.”

“Kansas city based The Slowdown ain´t your average rock band, even though they´re influenced by bands like Radiohead, Killing Joke and Led Zeppelin, I think The Slowdown´s got a unique sound. There are traces of psychedelic 70´s rock on their debut album "A" but also a huge dose of 90´s postrock and pieces of experimental music.”

“Their passion is heard in the production of such an intense roller coaster of a record. Their slick infusion of electronica/synths gives them an additional aspect to admire. The anthemic album is sure to not disappoint.”


“Band members Josh Johnson and Sam Hoskins are based in Kansas City, Mo. "I started writing about it and then it came to me," said Hoskins. "All these connections that I felt were pretty much right on." "People have always been searching for a greater connection throughout history and this is something you can do that really gives you that," said Johnson. ”

“Six-piece indie rockers The Slowdown will release their debut album, A, this autumn. ”

“FEATURES Home Features Song Premiere: The Slowdown, “To Wonder” July 27, 2012 by Matthew Colwell Below you can listen to the second single from indie rock sextet the Slowdown's upcoming debut full-length, A, which is due out this fall. The track is called "To Wonder." Let us know what you think in the comments below. ”

““To Wonder,” the Slowdown: The Kansas City band has released the second single off its debut full-length album, “A.” “To Wonder” is a straightforward alternative song with an Alice in Chains-style riff and pounding backbeats. It’s all brought together by the wispy vocals of frontman Sam Hoskins, former drummer of Elevator Division. ”

“The Slowdown's new track: "To Wonder" The Slowdown has released a streaming and download link to its second single, "To Wonder," off its upcoming debut full-length album A. The 6-piece Kansas City band includes former members of Elevator Division, and describes itself as a "riff-based, roots-inflected, electronic-infused, deftly experimental take on full-bodied rock that conjures a blend of Wilco, Flaming Lips, M83, early Aerosmith, Alice in Chains, and My Morning Jacket." "To Wonder" is a bit more straightforward than the band's previous single, "A Mirror, A Torch." The song is driven by Sam Hoskin's whispy vocals, atmospheric backing vocals, and constantly moving backbeat, with a heavy alternative but bluesy Jerry Cantrell-style guitar solo to top things off.”

“The Skinny: Borne of Kansas City, Missouri is the indie rock band The Slowdown, a six-piece group ready to burst out into the mainstream. The Slowdown likes to think of themselves as a blend of Wilco, The Flaming Lips, M83, early Aerosmith, Alice in Chains and My Morning Jacket. Lead singer Sam Hoskins and keyboard player Joe Hoskins got their start in music as members of the regionally renowned rock/pop group Elevator Division, one of the hottest bands in the area for the last decade. The Slowdown is rounded out by guitarist Josh Johnston and bassist Jeremy Wilson who have each spent time behind the boards of various Kansas City venues, learning the art of capturing the perfect stage mix and blending tones and textures like no one else is capable of. Add in second guitarist Austin Turney and drummer Drew Little and you've got a formidable on-stage force. The band's hard work has resulted in the release of their debut album A, scheduled for this coming July. This is a big achievement”

“The Slowdown's sections merge like the contents of a Cocaine energy drink.”