The Sky Captains of Industry / Press

“While allegories dressed as science fiction may not be new to this world, they’ve never been more aesthetically pleasing than they are here. I mean, at bottom, once you strip away all the concept and metaphor, Rocket City is just a really, really great sounding record of awesome songs.”

"A quick parenthetical pseudo-paragraph in which I explain why I think “Rock & Roll Shoes” is the ultimate in this idea. It’s all right there in the hook - “it’s gonna save the rest of your heart”. Yes, you’re fucked up and broken and shitty things have happened to you, but if you come with us, man, we can at least keep you safe for the rest of it. Much of the beauty of rock and roll as a subculture is in that exact sentiment."

"Brooklyn-born Sky Captains of Industry have a light bip-boop-boop and almost bubbly sound conversely suited for warning their listeners about the impending apocalypse."

"This rhythmic communion of the electronic and the human is perhaps one of the core metaphors of Rocket City. Clearly science fiction fans, these guys write and play like wayfaring cosmonauts, rejoicing in the advances of tomorrow while clinging wistfully to those old fashioned themes of romance and friendship."

“The Sky Captains of Industry: Folktronicist/Producer E.W. Harris and Astropunk Songwriter Don Paris Schlotman have joined forces to create a face melting, time warping, space rock extravaganza. With clever (and often insightful) songwriting, augmented by a unique assortment of samplers, soaring vocals, vintage synths, circuit bent toys, singing saws, and a rotating cast of special performance artists, SCI is making waves in the Brooklyn music scene. The Sky Captains of Industry are long time members of the Big City Folk movement, (begun by Irish indie/folk songwriter Niall Connolly) and have performed, toured, and recorded with Connolly himself, Chris Mills, Casey Black, Warren Malone, and the Third Wheel Band. "...Oddly uniquely cool and strange..." says I Am Entertainment Magazine, "...a brand of music that cannot be kept inside the boundaries of any particular genre." ”

NY Press

"The theme of "Rocket City" is a wide ranging futurist theme that delves into every detail of the grungy imperfect future The Sky Captains of Industry predict, and each new turn is a fascinating and entertaining revelation about the world the listener has traveled to."