The Skurfs / Press

“The re-mastered instrumental album Mountain Surf is undoubtedly surf, but it shifts in tone, each song infused with something different: classic garage or angular guitar à la Urge Overkill or psychedelic stoner rock that evokes Wolfmother. "Daffy" could score a scene in a James Bond flick: the 007 spy traversing the side of a cliff shadowed above by some Russian villain. The soundscape creates a dynamic narrative that could do well with visual art (an Andy Smetanka silhouette short would be perfect here). "First Run" is frenetic with intermittent false endings that fade like a record player being powered down. The breakdown almost sounds like a Cars song—the beginning of "You're Just What I Needed"—before it hits the gas down a rugged highway of rock. This is a stellar take on the surf style. The final track, "Jaws/Misirlou," a combo of the two classic songs, illustrates the vibe: This might be a beach party, but something dangerous lurks.”

“The Skurfs rock the Historic Wilma Theatre in support of the 9th Annual Big Sky Documentary Film Festival!!!”

“Nobody watching The Skurfs at a recent Northside house party seemed prepared for the chaos that followed frontman Gavin McCourt's decision to obliterate his cherry-red Stratocaster against the hardwood floor. It wasn't a sedentary crowd. The kegs were already finished and the blissfully intoxicated stood shoulder to shoulder in rapt attention as the local surf-rock group hammered away at their instruments, crafting its trademark spacey, reverb-laden sounds in the corner of the room. But the energy built like a tornado, and it's hard to remember what came first: the shattered Strat or the mosh pit that whipped into a frenzy, sending the weak-of-heart searching for an exit as others crowd surfed from one end of the room to the other and beer rained down from above.”