The Skies Revolt / Press

“The Skies Revolt pack a punk-filled punch with their new song "False Glory and Praise."”


"The Skies Revolt gets a huge tip of the hat towards the effort and experimentation put into the new work on Some Kind of Cosmonuat."

Substream Music Press

“The tunes sound designed for TSR's celebrated live shows and they're plain fun to hear. Rife edgy guitars, electronica and raise-your-fist choruses make it hard to sit still, yet they belie important themes.”

HM Magazine

"They provide a brand of aggressive indie rock, doused with dancy keyboards, and an abundance of catchy gang vocals unlike any band I have ever heard before...With all that being said, “Some Kind of Cosmonaut” is an irresistibly catchy record you will find yourself humming and singing along to in no time."

Indievision Music

“One part 80’s metal, one part power-punk, throw in a dash of anthemic pop and mix this strange brew by having a Japanese teenager hold the punch bowl while pounding away levels at your local arcade’s Dance Dance Revolution machine and you have something that comes close to T.S.R.’s sonically winsome sound.”

The Annapolis Sound