The Skashank Redemption / Press

“This shit is authentic 90′s ska, and it’s awesome. The drums go seamlessly in and out of double time punk beats and relaxed near reggae feels , the horns are tight as all-get-out, and the vocals have that unrelenting swagger that make you think just maybe these boys could take The Mighty Mighty Bosstones in an Anchorman style back alley brawl.”

"Every now and then there comes a band that defines what you know about the genre. This band- you think you know ska: 'Oh yeah I heard that ska stuff, it was okay' - fuck all that noise, guys. These guys are the premiere ska band in Columbus, Ohio."


"The Skashank Redmption has blasted onto the scene with their fresh ska sound"

Scarlet And Grey Cafe

"The Skashank Redemption? Really? That's an awesome name!"

almost everyone who hears our name.