The Six Shot Revival / Press

"Six Shot Revival set the bar high for the other established acts with their high energy southern boogie and might have just stole the show...."

"Hot and Sweaty. Loud and Dirty. This night was one that will go down in the books!"

"Six Shot Revival proved to be the band with the most promise as they were referred to as the “new comers” to the scene. These young fellas had some really good songs and their stage performance was a throw back to classic Guns N Roses. Their singer looked like he had studied the Guns N’ Roses Live at The Ritz performance and got it down to a “t”. Their stage performance didn’t overpower the music which was actually quite good. I would really like to see more of these guys to see how they progress forward. It was really refreshing to see a young band not ashamed to be inspired by another generation of rock n’ roll."

“I can honestly say that I haven’t seen a really unique, high energy rock show that was worth a damn in a long time, but Six Shot Revival broke that streak into a million pieces! When Six Shot Revival took the stage, the bar was raised for the evening! Lead Singer, Marc Phillips...”