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“The Situationist, a band that reminds some of us 70′s peeps of the etheral side of the Patti Smith Band and a bit of Radiohead, moves into the list with their performance of “Chestnut Tree Cafe” – an original that the band will not be playing out much longer. So this one’s gonna be a classic for us, and we viewers are quite privileged to be able to see this one archived.”

Star City Fame

“Reviews Music Reviews ~06.07.2011~ the Situationist – E.P. CD-R released via Lucid Press Produced by John Thompson & the Situationist Many things can be said about Roanoke’s the Situationist. Some call them a musical outfit inspired by political revolutions and the writings of George Orwell. Others call them a mix of alt rock and R&B. I believe they are a bit of all these combined and more. They have been together for a half decade now playing around town and occasionally heading out to play around the Virginia area. They’ve been through loss, rebirth and regrowth and this short three song E.P. is only a taste of what you can expect from this incredible four-piece. See The rest of this review @ http://scenicrecovery.wordpress.com/music”

“Geoff Conley and his band (The Situationist) have an excellent recent album, “Release Me,” featuring strong original tunes and Conley’s rocking tenor.”

Tad Dickens - The Roanoke Times

“The Situationist offer up nothing less than the music of the revolution. They speak to the dispossessed, lost in a stratified social landscape co-opted by the entitled generations previous. They condemn our increasingly polarized political wasteland with the eye of a detached jester. They tweak the collective nose of an authoritarian superstructure that callously dismisses the foundation beneath it. They are conspiratorial populists poking the emaciated corpse of the Good-Enough Morgan we once referred to as the American Dream. But most importantly, they are extremely talented, exceptionally fun to watch, and catchy as hell. Whatever your stance on the revolution, The Situationist are not to be missed.”

--Ben R. Williams - Author