The SilenTreatment / Press

“Catchy songs. Sexy lyrics. Sharp arrangements. Crafty musicianship. I'm predicting big things for this project...A simple message to those who read this column: Give this band a listen.”

“Danceable pop-rock at it's best.”

“This album has a sleek and honest crossover appeal, in its way it is perfectly timeless but also very much of the now. One can imagine, while hearing this a few albums and years later, with slightly less polish and rougher edges a supergroup of Linkin Park proportions.”

William Elliot - Next Best Thing Blog

"The word is out. This young modern rock band is posed to explode on the scene this year. Loaded with talent, smarts and harmonies, this band is gaining recognition and has a lot of appeal with women and the college crowd... The SilenTreament won’t be quiet for much longer!"

“The most ambitious band we've interviewed.”

“As for the fan response, there’s been nothing silent about it.”

“The SilenTreatment's music comes together nicely, blending radio-friendly rock rhythms with the band's own mixture of harder melodies and fluent chord progressions...will hopefully be a combination that will give the band the longevity they deserve.”

Ryan O'Malley - The Sunday Dispatch

“Love the sound, love the hooks.”

“'Sinful Acts of Audio', The SilenTreatment's excellent debut CD. "Body Talk", (one of my favorites), "Pretty Little Girl" and "Jamie(The Secret)" all sound like hits.”

“Great band with some great music… Very catchy tunes with some great guitar… If you like American rock like Matchbox Twenty, then you’ll love this group!”

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