Whelan / Press

“It was inspiration that bailed Sid Whelan out of a non-professional musical life in 2012. And his return to recording uses the stamp of Whelan for his recent release, Flood Waters Rising. The album stays ahead of rain and the cold climes of an Ohio winter as it boards from track number one for “Frisco Line”. The tune is a folk blues romp that sways while it sticks to libations available in the legal lounge, sipping on whiskey and wine, leaving the moonshine back in the Buckeye State. Whelan keeps the Blues riding shotgun on Flood Water Rising, and it give direction to the album without ever needing to take the wheel. This is album number one for Whelan to deliver a three-disc set entitled Americana Trilogy, following the Blues tone of Flood Water Rising with country and rock’n’roll themed releases.”

“…From the first track’s slow moody notes played on exquisite slide guitar on Frisco Lines it sure sounds like he is enjoying being back in the limelight. He has a smooth and well-toned voice with a Mississippi drawl, evident on Fools Gold, this song maintains the high standard of musicianship and it flows into the best song, the title track Flood Waters Rising an emotional response to global natural disasters like Hurricane Sandy. Lighten Up explains this further with more lilting vocals and sweet guitar picking. Not one to hold back on politics The List is a tin pan alley take on gun law controls a very cutting insight, good piano riff from Naido Vargas. Sitting On Top Of The World is well played and sounds an authentic early blues take. Finishing off with the self-mocking take-on, I Can’t Write Love Songs reflects an overall laid back style with sharp undertones a definitive return of a great musician.”

“The first fantastic slide licks played on Sid Whelan’s new Flood Waters Rising album set such a relaxing mood before the album opener “Frisco Lines” jumps into its country style and melodies, and blues influenced riffs. Recorded, edited and mixed at John Kilgore Sound & Recording, Whelan is a voice that sounds like Tab Benoit and twists and turns it into something not worth forgetting. “Fool’s Gold” plays up the Blues licks with the continued upbeat rhythms set from the start. “Flood Waters Rising”, the title of the album, is where Whelan shines. The Blues song could be mistaken for a classic. “Sittin’ on Top of the World” is a timeless blues ballad, and “Bird Nest on the Ground” plays up a little tremolo on the guitar underneath Whelan’s baritone growling. “Dog in the Fight” is a clever song, one that Whelan sings so slyly over the thumping bass as if the song is a warning. “The List” is Whelan’s chance at telling a story and does such a great”

"In 2012, Sid’s niece Lora-Faye persuaded him to sit in with her band when their guitarist couldn’t make a gig, and he enjoyed the experience so much, he started writing again. Most of the tracks on his album ‘Flood Waters Rising’ are the result of that process, addressing contemporary political and social concerns. The title track is concerned with global warming, and other American phenomena like Televangelists and the Gun Lobby come in for some criticism. In his writing, Sid looked to ‘twist the form’ of standard Blues structures, to allow some fluidity and he wanted a ‘live’ feel for his debut album, so he sought out John Kilgore’s Studio for it’s ‘modern vintage’ ethos, and the end result has very little overdubbing. Assisted by co-producer Lora-Faye and some of the musicians he played with in the ‘90’s, Sid plays his delicate guitar figures in a style that ranges from sweet acoustic-style Blues to something that could almost be Tex-Mex."