The Shondes / Press

“A powerful new sound…It is quite possible that The Shondes are making the only music that truly matters.”

HEEB Magazine

“The Shondes make bold, brassy lonely-heart rock with the snarl and swoon of classic '90s Northwestern indie--all riot grrl bluster, K Records sentimentality, and a keening, wailing violin that's more Nirvana Unplugged than Raincoats unhinged... Separating themselves from Sleater-come-latelys, the Shondes have a little bit of steampunky clatter underneath their crunching riffs and a keen ear towards the Jewish music that raised each of its four members.”

Chris Weingarten - The Village Voice

“The Red Sea is a visceral work... Eli Oberman's [violin] lends substantial melancholy to their quiet-loud dynamics. While being a radical, Judaic-bent, genderqueer, post-punk quartet sets The Shondes apart, being a political band whose music is as strong as its message is a rare treat.”

Jessica Hopper - Chicago Tribune

“Louisa Rachel Solomon's vocals are strong, nimble and graceful ...complex song structures intertwined with direct, inquisitive lyrics...an album rich in saw-tooth guitars, pummeling rhythms and an undeniably anthemic spirit...The Shondes are a twisted carnival film noir come true. ”

“This is a band that rocks as if they just don't give a fuck but has crafted their art in a manner that shows they clearly do.”


“Riot grrrl radicalism wed to classically structured songs, distortion pedals, clashing vocals, and powerful lyrics.”

The Village Voice

“Ready for an indie break out....radical politics, inspired riffs, textured hamonies and pure sex appeal”

Curve Magazine