The Shivering Denizens / Press

“In a scene of cookie cutter, follow the leader, satanic, punk-country come a much needed breath of fresh air. It’s not very often I can just leave a cd in the player and just let it go on repeat without getting bored, then luckily The Denizens get plopped in my lap for review.”

“With a pure outlaw swagger the groups starts off with the title track "Baker-Whiteley" with hints of coal mining, moonshine, and war. From this point the record kicks ya like an old mule right between the eyes.”

“The record has great stories involving Buford T Justice, Cold Blood Killers, Evil Women, Cheatin Women, and of course "The Whistler", so there just is simply something for everyone, from ole fashion country to outlaw hillbilly hoedowns with a touch of swing. Of course we cannot forget the mad momma with a mean ole rollin pin.”

“The Shivering Denizens are like Ken Kesey meets Merle Haggard.”

“With scarcely a weak spot on the record, we're giving this record our highest recommendation.”

“Sometimes, it's hard to put into words what you like about a new band but there is no mystery with the Shivering Denizens.”

“The CD that stood out from the crowd this time was eponymous release from The Shivering Denizens from Washington State. Man are these guys good.”

“As the Denizens say, they have songs about women, songs about prison, and songs about women in prison. That pretty much sums it up. With songs like “Cell Block 69″ and “Good Times at the Gates of Hell,” if at least one of the Denizens hasn’t spent time in the pokey, I’ll eat my hat.”

“The Shivering Denizens play with the kind of intensity that other honky-tonk bands aspire to. Lead Singer Ron Banner's lyrics are brilliant, without a hint of ever taking himself too seriously, and every song cooks from start to finish. No blow-dried Nashville stuff here.”

“When you listen to the Denizens, it makes you want to say out loud, “See THIS is what I mean when I say REAL country.””