The Shidiots / Press

“This is just one fun and funny album with sixteen great punk tracks from this five piece from Omaha, NE. This is the kind of stuff that I can crank up and sing along to and listen to over and over again. They kind of have that QUEERS, and the DIESEL QUEENS goofy punk sound and lyrics thing going on. The songs are meant to be taken with a sense of humor and the band really can kick some ass on this album. The production is really good, lots of room to hear everything, the singer has a bit of a smart alec sound, with a bit of snottiness thrown in, the guitar work is tight and the drummer just goes for it, while the bass lays down some cool sounds. This was exactly what I was expecting and looking forward to after listening to a bunch of stuff that did nothing for me, these guys were a complete breath of fresh air for me and put me in a great mood again. Grab this album and go see these guys live if you have the chance; you will have a great time.”

“The Shidiots from Omaha Nebraska have pinched out a CD with 14 songs full of rollicking punk rock cookies n cream..... sweet, palatable, and pretty much pit-worthy throughout. Before I read up on the band a bit,what little I could find out there with minimal effort anyway I would have said this band digs the fuck out of The Queers, and I was right... Sophomoric humor, three chord attacks not reinventing the amp or anything but darn good fun...Does delve deeper on occasion but nothing in terms of a preachy lyrical content...Congrats to them for getting a recording where the bass is an audible part of the records which many bands seem incapable of doing these days, it really keeps the records pulse going...”

“Miss the Vandals, Screeching Weasel and Guttermouth? Try this new song by Omaha punk band The Shidiots. It's a fun, fast, poppy rocker that explores the age-old practice of buying bags from ma. ”