The Shape of the Earth / Press

“It is refreshing to see guys like The Shape Of The Earth coming with sincere and intimate music that doesn’t come across pretentious. A balance between mellow melodies and genuine emotion, The Shape Of The Earth is able to warm your heart without getting under your skin while still leaving some ambiguity for your mind to ponder.”

“We’ve got honesty, hooks, range, and luckily, a repeat button.”

“From the first listen of the album I was sold. There’s something about them that is brutally honest. It speaks to you but doesn’t get forced on your ears. They clearly put their music first and worry about the rest second. This is one of the many reasons why I love them. Gavin Bascom has this soothing way about him that makes you want to dive deeper and listen closer. His vocals sound effortless yet dead on. Doesn’t help to have a killer band to back that up either… ”